View Full Version : FT: Asian K95

08-18-2007, 07:54 AM
I recently bought a K95 on here. Didn't know it was the asian model. Anyway Racket is 9/10 condition
grip is 1/4 built up to 3/8
The racket is strung brand new strings not 1 ball has been hit. With a poly/mains, syngut/cross hybrid.
16x18 pattern.

Only difference between this racket and its US counterpart is the balance its 12pt HL vs 8pt and its weight which is 11.7oz rather than 12.3.

This racket swings VERY light and is great for someone who wants the stability of the K95's but can't bring the head around fast enough.

I'm looking for a US K6.1 95 to trade

you can buy it outright but I'd rather not do that

email me Christopher.H.Chang@gmail.com