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Mr. Hokey
08-19-2007, 07:26 PM
I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to learn how to use their non-dominant hand after reaching a 4.5 or atleast solid level. (eg. a right hander learning to play left handed.)

I'm sure there's no benefit to this, except maybe if you could learn a wicked slice serve off of your non-dominant hand. I usually do it for s**** and giggles. At most I'd rate myself as maybe a 2.0 with my left hand.

Curious to see if anyone has done this and if they had any particular methods for achieving this rather than just practicing.

BTW. I envy all you ambidextrous people out there.

08-19-2007, 07:39 PM
I can hit a left handed forehand (I'm a righty), but that's just to train for my two-handed backhand.

08-23-2007, 12:20 AM
i have i would be the one to talk to about that

i just went left handed
strating with the smallest things and up
i practiced coordinating my entire left side to be usable

this post might be long so bare with me

first loosen up all those bonesfrom your fingers,wrist to shoulder
rotate all the joints all that you can you will notice compared to your right hand,in your left you will have more bones popping

thats because you don't use the same motions on that side that you do your other
so constantly lossen up all those bones

and first teach yourself to write left handed and constantly keep practicing just like kindergarden
you can search the internet for "learning to write"
and try all the tips and learn lefthanded

next do everything left handed it will be a bit difficult at first

such as pouring your drink
switch your pc mouse to left handed
using your tv remote
opening jars
opening cheese
(yes opening cheese,the slightest thing can help your ability to use that side more)

go in order and try to coordinate that side from your fingers to your shoulder

one of my favorites was to...
ya know how you throw a football up and catch it and how it spirals,well not only can you do that left handed but my favorite was to do that with a tennis ball with my left hand,to beable to spin it and toss it straight up with out it going in wild directions

lift weights and concentrate on getting that arm stronger

it is best not to do much stuff with that hand until you get it good and loose and stronger

it has almost been 18 months since i have switched and my skill level hasnt ever been higher

i belive i am a 2.5 but a whole lot closer to 3.0 i can beat a player that is a 3.0 and is closer to a 3.5

i do make a good sparring partener for a 4.0

being a righty i only had a decent forehand and an ok backhand

being a lefty i got a good forehand and a backhand i can depend on
on my bh side i can even hit groundstrokes out of the air from different places on the court

like when i am coming in i can take it in no mans land and right around the sservice line

i don't at the baseline because if it is going out if i am in a situation right there

if the ball is going too far on my bh side i now can take a good forehand on that side

also Rafael Nadal is right handed he just plays left handed if you don't belive me do a little research on his story or watch him sign autographs right handed

well i haope this little tangent was interesting or helpful and i apologize for any misspelling right now its late and my vision is blury lol

p.s. switching over will defintely make you work harder