View Full Version : Alternate AeroPro Drive String Pattern

08-23-2007, 03:05 PM
Just thought I'd pass this tid bid along (used for almost 2 years). It might work for other racquets or not.

I've found that adding a top line of string to the AeroPro Drive or APDC (making it 16 mains by 20 crosses instead of 16 x 19) helps string longevity and playability of the racquet.

With the 'normal' 16 x 19 pattern, I kept breaking mains at the top, over and over again. With the extra cross at the top giving that area a notch more 'protection', that doesn't happen as often and I seem to get a slightly more solid feel on top end hits than otherwise.

The cross stringing pattern I use starts with the 'normal' top cross string, only I loop in back across the top of the racquet (thru the eyelet pair of the 2nd from outside mains) to add another cross that is about 1/3 an inch above the normal top cross. I then carry the string down to proceed doing the 'normal' 2nd cross, which is now the 3rd cross.

I figure since the doubled up main eyelet is on the outside mains (which don't see a lot of movement in Main/Cross stringing) plus a short top cross (that doesn't see much stretching during use), there are minimal negative side string effects from this pattern -- just fewer popped mains.

08-23-2007, 03:46 PM
I think it's illegal though– not a uniform string pattern.