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08-26-2007, 01:15 PM
I know that it's easy to stencil by printing out a large symbol of what you are stenciling. But is it ok to use sharpie marker to draw the stencil? Thanks.

08-26-2007, 07:07 PM
Shouldn't be a problem. I heard of Nadal doing this in the middle of a match when one of his rackets didn't have the babolat stencil already on. Of course, I didn't see him doing it myself but nonetheless there is no reason to suspect any harsh abrasive material coming from a marker.

08-26-2007, 07:25 PM
Using a marker will work but it is best to buy the stenciling ink.

08-26-2007, 07:29 PM
For yourself, it might be fine. But if you are stringing for others, I wouldn't use it. You've seen how the stencil ink comes off on the ball. I noticed that stencil ink is washable and comes out in the wash if you get some on your clothes. If you use "permanent marker" it might not wash out. If some of the tennis ladies get it on their expensive tennis clothes they might be unhappy.

08-26-2007, 07:33 PM
Are Sharpies permanent or washable ink?

08-26-2007, 07:48 PM
they come out with hairspray usually