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09-19-2007, 07:11 AM
yeah so im a huge fan of calvin and hobbes, read all the books when i was younger,inspired me to try my hand at comics when i was little too(i dont do it anymore though) and have spent probably 1/3 of my life laughing at it. i heart it. but i remember for a school assignment we had to write a letter to someone we admired and i chose bill watterson, and i got my letter sent back to me:sad: :sad: :sad: .

i dont think, from what ive heard and read about watterson, that he doesnt want all the attention he received and he probably wants to live a more simple life. but i really do want to send him a letter to him but idk his address that i can mail to. has anyone here whos read calvin and hobbes sent him a letter that didnt get sent back or even better, actually responded to?