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11-05-2004, 11:20 AM
I really admire this guy, almost as much as Nalbandian, such a tough comepetitor.

anyone else agree that he could cause a fair few boilovers at the Aussie Open next year??? if he stays fit and doesnt have marthon 5 setters he could be a good shot at it for sure.

Max G.
11-05-2004, 04:49 PM
A shot at the title? Doubt it.

But then again, nobody thought Johansson would either. Canas has a shot, but no more of a shot than Johansson did, meaning he'd have to get a dream draw.

pound cat
11-05-2004, 05:17 PM
he is tough and detremoned. I thought he owuld retire after the 3rd game in TMS toront due to wrist injury, but he carried on, beat Safin and won the tournament, It turns out he was playing with a fractured wrist which subsequently lead to a very long injury time out for him. He hurt his ankle yesterday, but carried on & won, and meets Safin in the Bercy semi's, but no way I would factor in his injury as being a detriment to his play. He's tough, determined, and a talented all-rounder.

11-05-2004, 06:07 PM
The guy is AWESOME. Watch him live, you would feel you got your money's worth. So much passion, so much intensity, unbelievable. Plus, he's got the strokes to back it up with. Too bad he has to slug it from the baseline, he is no net player so his body won't hold for long, probably. A true athlete, with a lion's heart.

11-05-2004, 10:44 PM
If he can get back to the level he showed a few years ago before going down with injury, I think he's capable of winning any slam except Wimbledon. He's just got that Musteresque lion heart that cannot be counted out provide he is HEALTHY and at the top of his game...which he needs to be at, because he's not as naturally talented as some others.

I remember him totally outclassing Moya by the end of their grueling French Open encounter...he was just amazing by then, so tenacious. It seemed like it was absolutely impossible to get the ball by him.

Of course, the problem for Canas is that his style take sooo much out of him. I thought in his quarter with Costa, he was the better player that match, but his body simply gave out on him in the end. It's almost as if he put TOO much into it, he doesn't pace himself. Only knows one speed, and that's 199% like Muster. But, I think Muster was kind of an anomaly. It's virtually impossible to give 100% ferocious effort on EVERY single point, but Muster could and did because his conditioning was so legenedary.

I don't think Canas is physically quite up to that, not quite the specimen that Muster at his peak was...not many if any ever were.

11-05-2004, 10:59 PM
Actually, I ammend that. Even if Canas were at his peak level of a few years ago, I do not feel that he would win a slam. In any given match, if he were at his tenacious best, I would give him a chance against anyone in the world. BUT, grand slam tournaments are two week long events and best of five sets. I feel that sooner or later, he'll just run out of gas or his legs will give out on him; because of excessive energy expenditure.

I feel like at that French Open, he was definitely playing the best tennis of anyone there; but that in the end his relentless style of play is both what made him and undid him. His body just doesn't seem to hold up as well as that of similar warriors like Chang and Muster in my opinion.

As far as him fighting through injury DURING matches? Here's another one from the vault. Remember his battle with the then seeded Vince Spadea at the U.S. Open YEARS ago when Canas was a complete unknown?

Canas badly sprained his ankle that match, but still grinded through like a pitbul anyway. This against a guy in Spadea who is a grinder himself and is going to make you run. It was truly an impressive feat of will power on Canas' part.

11-06-2004, 04:12 PM
I saw Canas live in Scottsdale a few years ago; he beat Massu (or maybe it was Gaudenzi), and I've kept an eye on him since ... he is the consummate grinder, more a counter-puncher than a pusher. He is absolutely working his tail off out there but doen't have a true pro body. He can beat good players when they are off or aren't hustling, but his weapons aren't sufficient to take him very far, and he's been breaking down a lot.