View Full Version : Yonex Vibration Stopper 4 (AC164EX)

09-19-2007, 09:18 PM
Does anyone know where to get one of these or if they're even available outside of Japan? I've only found one website that has it on sale for $10, but it doesn't let you choose between the colors (I really want the black one). Anyone know where I can get one? :confused:


In D Zone
10-10-2007, 02:01 PM
Those are nifty looking dampeners! where can I get those?

They are $10 a pop... pretty pricey!

11-24-2007, 05:02 PM
Ugh. I'm looking for it too. The website that has doesn't happen to be this does it? If it is, it doesn't let you order out of Australia. :(