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09-24-2007, 07:42 AM
I was just wondering if anyone else who lives in Canada and orders from TW has ever experienced this. I have order quite a few items from TW ranging from racquets to clothing and shoes, when I have chosen the postal system (Canada Post being the end deliverer) I have never paid any duty/tax/customs fees (this would be for about 6 orders), when I had my racquets shipped I chose courier (and Fedex was the option at that time) and still no charges. The last 2 orders placed recently I chose courier and UPS being the option I have been charged twice with customs fees. Does anyone else find this a common occurance with UPS? I have used the Postal System many times and never had to pay customs but with UPS it appears that I will be charged each time.

09-24-2007, 01:03 PM
i have only ordered my stuff to a US address in order to avoid duty fees. but i seem to recall a post some time ago that said if you order the postal system delivery then you would avoid duty. however, i was recently sent a gift from the US via the postal system and had to pay duty on it.

is anyone knows, i'd like a clear explanation too.