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09-24-2007, 12:57 PM
I should probably post this on the technique board but I was curious to what you folks would say. I have been playing with a Yonnex Ti-80 4 3/8 version (slightly lighter) and actually enjoying it. I realized that the c10 pro and (for me anyway) was a little too heavy and demanding for my game late in matches. The pOG OS was sort of the same weight wise and I was trying to move to a more manueverable stick at net (I am a serve and volleyer who sometimes stays back to gain an advantage to attack). This yonnex stick swings very headlight without being too light and I have served well with it. It does not have a buttery feel I usually ike but I do like the headlight balance for manueverability for volleying. Seems very good at picking up half volleys. Anyway, I played a match today on clay (first time in a long time) and really found that when I flattened out my strokes, I was sailing balls long. Seemed I had to really concentrate on generating topspin (I have simi western grip) more than I wanted to. My tension is 55 lbs (this stick recomends 50-60) and I think the string is prince perfection (whatever that is). I also noticed that I was really feeling the impact of the ball more even when I hit sweetspot (lack of butta). Does anyone else play with this stick? Do you find that when you are in a baseline sitchuation that you have to put more top on than usual to keep the ball in. I was more used to being able to swing out and have the ball stay in. Seemed that this stick was harder to flatten out a bit and keep the ball in. Maybe my swingspeed is slower than I thought and that could def. be possible. Think I should try more tension or different type of string? I am wondering if this set up is not good for my elbow. Definately tweaked it today.

I bought this one used (as I have bought all my sticks lately and traded them) and I am not addicted to it although I have played well with it. Might there be another stick that has a slightly more muted (comfortable) feel that is as manueverable at net?

Only reasn for posting is that sometimes, someone on this forum can really identify with what you are dpomg becasue they have had the same issues. I have found this forum very helpful so far .

09-24-2007, 01:34 PM
ive demoed the Ti-80. I thought it was a nice racquet, but I agree with the lack of a buttery feel to it. I think the word I want to use to describe the racquet's feel is maybe pingy, just dont feel solid enough for me, perhaps the lack of weight contributed to that. I ended up choosing the rds001 mp after ALOT of demoing. I dont know how heavy ur C10 is compared to the rds001, or if uve tried the rds001 yet, if not, then I would recommend trying it.
Good Luck.

09-24-2007, 04:34 PM
i agree that the ti-80 is "pingy".
but over a great racquet.
i still use it when playing serve and volly, doubles mostly.

with the ti-80, i can hit some amazing slice and kick service, and also slice back hands.

i never had trouble hitting flat groundies....

09-24-2007, 04:35 PM
I did demo it shortly but I think the strings were wrong or something becasue it felst really stiff. I now know that strings can make a big difference. I may demo that one again.