View Full Version : Lotto and Diadora apparel rocks!

02-20-2004, 03:31 PM
I was one of those T shirt and Big Dog volley shorts player. Sprung for the new Lotto shirt/shorts and Diadora T shirt. Amazing how light they are, and even though I'm playing indoors the wicking is excellent. The Lottos have more style than most people realize and the pricing is excellent...

04-28-2004, 09:07 PM
So is just about every other athletic brand out there.... Well, except for Reebok. Reebok has no design appeal at all....

05-11-2004, 02:20 PM
I've got some diadora and love it. Shorts are a little long though. I bought 2 lotto shirts this year. I normally wear large or extra large so I bought the large w/ lotto. Somebody should let us know that they run about 2 sizes bigger than normal sizing. My large fits like an XXL. These shirts are of no use to me and i'll have to give them away brand new as they are not cotton so they won't shrink any.

05-21-2004, 11:57 PM
lotto is mad

08-16-2005, 10:24 AM
has anyone compared the Lotto shirts/polos with the Nike Sphere or Dry-Fit? I like Lotto's design.