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10-16-2007, 04:18 AM
Hem, since I joined the forum I've noticed you love comparisons, rankings etc (and sometimes, very specific ones: best finishing tape; top 5 pink 0,40inches wide rubber bands (I'm joking, of course)).

I know this approach helps when we have to choose, because, if possible, we tend to want the best for ourselves.
But it seems to me you're fascinated by this approach and you tend to use it for everything and in every occasion.

So, is it an american passion? Is it because you live in an extremely competitive society?

Mister G
10-16-2007, 04:30 AM
It's a forum...

Haven't you asked other peoples opinions/experiences regarding the quality of some product at some point in your life? I know I did. Especially when I dont have access to those products at a local store and there is no chance for me to see it/use it in person. I'm not American, nor are you I take it. We ALL live in a competitive society... human nature.

10-16-2007, 11:51 AM
Well, I'm sorry, I hadn't much time when I opened the thread, so I didn't manage to express my idea well.

I'm not speaking about competition/selection in general: competition/selection has always existed; I agree.

I'm only surprised by the method. I notice many of you tend to make rankings. So, a part from the extent of rankings' use (id est, the variety of topics you examin this way), I'm surprised by two aspects that seem evident/interesting to me:
1) your apparent need of numbers. It seems many of you need to put everything in numeric order. They don't consider exhaustive to find the best offer in the different fields, they need to put every or at least various offers in a scale instead.
I agree this method helps the people that participate to the competition (making the different offers). But, if I'm only a buyer/customer, I'm not very interested in the 17th best offer, for example. In few words, I wonder the reason why numeric analysys are often made with such degree/extend (best/top 5-10 etc).

2) your confidence in numbers. This is the main doubt I have, because I have a more intuitive method.
I'll make two stupid examples: I'm able to say if a pizza is good/exellent or not at first sight and if I taste it, I'm able to say if the tomato souce or the mozzarella or the olive oil are exellent/good/bad; or if I look at a cloth, I'm able to say if it has an ordinary/elegant shape or bad/good/exellent workmanship. But, a part the fact I don't need to think about the ranking the pizza or a brand I'm considering, could have, it doesn't seem easy to me to translate the evaluations into numbers. For example, two things may have the same quality and different style, so why and how can I put them in different places in a ranking? This method could generate a limited/incomplete analysys, because it forces you to fill necessarily the different numbered placements.
If this observation is true, we can say that rankings are largely based on subjective (and usually inexpressed) criterions, so that it's difficult for me to understand the interest many of you have in this kind of approach