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10-24-2007, 08:45 PM
Ignore the title, misposted...

What does mean if your arm/elbow area starts to hurt when you hit your serve, but you use "good technique"

10-25-2007, 05:16 PM
If your arm was fine before the serving and began to hurt as, or after, you began to serve-- most likely it means that your technique is not as flawless as you imagine.

Any number of things can provoke this kind of soreness, so it would be hard to pinpoint the exact flaw in your motion.

You can be hitting outside the center of the racket-- causing twisting and jarring.

You can be forcing your motion and straining your joints.

You can be either too tight at inpact or trying to "wrist your way through the ball"-- also at impact.

Your timing can be off (usually hitting a bit late).

You may be hitting at some awkward position or striving for some excessive spin.

You may simply be trying for too much with out working up to it gradually.

Let your arm rest. Then the next time you go out to serve, strive for a RELAXED, smooth, fluid motion that avoids any kind of strain on any part of your arm or joints. Hit practice strokes with no ball at all and try to feel the arm as it arcs over your head. There should be no feelings of anything being forced or any pressures in specific areas.

Next practice tossing the ball so it consistantly rises to the same exact point. Watch the ball intently and (using proper techniqe) hit THROUGH it smoothly at medium pace- striving for a loose easy form-- nothing forced.

When you are finally able to consistantly hit the ball with "effortless motion", and place it where you want, gradually increase the speed of the racket.