View Full Version : calling all DNX 10 mid and VE 10 mid players!

10-27-2007, 04:20 PM
I got a dnx 10 mid just recently, and I thought it would be fairly similar to the VE10 mid which I currently use but with a power boost. Well, the power boost is there but I seem to have problems with my swinging. The racquet feels difficult to move fast through the air... I customized it to make heavier than the stock version but I also made it more headlight by adding weight to the butt of the handle. Strangely, this racquet still feels difficult to move around quickly even though itīs actually very close in weight and even more headlight than my VE10 mid.

One of the things I like about the VE10 mid is how fast I can swing it and whip the ball with lots of topspin. Impossible to do that with the dnx 10 mid so far. I was wondering if you guys had the same problem and what you did to fix it. Did you experiment with lead tape? I feel that if I could whip it around the ball as fast as with the VE10 mid, it would be a really nice stick for matches becasue itīs forgiving and you can easily hit powerful winners.

PS: I should say that the 2 sticks are strung differently too, which changes how the racquet feels and play. The VE has Kirchsbaum at mac tension, dnx has a soft multi at mid tension. I īm thinking of restringing dnx with Kirschbaum at max tension too but I doubt it will solve my problem.