View Full Version : Just got back from Williams Sisters exibition match

11-17-2004, 06:57 PM
It was good, other than the face that Serena was injured and played like shiat. Venus took the first set 6-3, looked like venus was gonna bagel Serena in the 2nd, she was up 5-0, serena came back to make it 5-4, then Venus won 6-4. What they did before the match was cool. They had 2 Juniors play 1 set against each other. They had one of the top players in chicago (this took place in chicago) who was 15 years old, play the number 45 junior in the world (so they said). I don't believe them about the 45th ranking, because the guy from Chicago beat him 6-1. Anyways i enjoyed the juniors playing as I'm 16 years old and i got to see how some really good players my age could play.


11-19-2004, 12:29 PM
Where did you see the match at?

The Detroit match was awful.

We didn't even get to see any ranked juniors. They had a doubles match with Venus and Detroit Lion Barry Sanders against Serena and some nobody newscaster from the local news. Neither of the men looked like they were even tennis players. They couldn't even keep the ball over the net during warm up for more than one hit. Venus and Serena were just going along at their skill level dinking the ball back to them. I would rather go watch a 2.5 USTA doubles match, at least I wouldn't have had to pay $50 for it.

The match between Serena and Venus was poor. I have never seen so many unforced errors or double faults. Serena was just dinking her serve in, I guess because of her injury. Venus didn't want to beat her too badly it seemed, and some mistakes looked intentional.

11-19-2004, 07:21 PM
Mine was in Chicago. Its not like it was at the United Center or anything, it was at the local university UIC (U of I at Chicago), it was at their "pavilion" for sports. It was pretty full. And DAMN! they had really expensive seats down right on the floor, but **** those people were gettin pelted by tennis balls every 2 minutes, im glad i didn't play $150 or whatever they went for, i got a darn good seat for $20, so i was happy.

I was also happy because it was the first tennis match i'd ever seen, never saw any pro tennis before, and its sad considering i used to live in a Grand Slam city.. Paris. But then again that was before i got into tennis.