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11-20-2004, 05:45 PM
http://cache.gettyimages.com/comp/51732524.jpg?x=x&dasite=MS_GINS&ef=2&ev=1&dareq=E2 399169AC85D6DE7F9CD95D11365232282817C510F1BF30621B 2AC3A62513D3

Saw this happen....thats gotta hurt.

11-20-2004, 05:56 PM
LOL. Actually if you look carefully it's not a perfect split. There's a 90 degree angle between her hip and her leg. You should have seen one of Paradorn's slides! I think he's much more flexible than Clijsters, he just doesn't show it off like she does.

11-20-2004, 10:30 PM
It's probably from the muay thai.

david aames
11-21-2004, 05:00 AM
No, it's all the hair gel

11-21-2004, 06:51 AM
Don't worry, haven't you heard Serena is a self-styled master of gymnastics?

11-21-2004, 11:21 AM
but again, she is an "entertainer"...