View Full Version : AeroPro Drive, O3 Tour Mid, Flexpoint Radical MP, HPS 6.1

11-19-2007, 07:26 AM
(2) Babolat AeroPro Drive; 8/10 condition; 1/2 grip; Signum Pro Poly Plasma Pure 17 in one Signum Pro Poly Megaforce 17L in the other; overgrips always used; 110shipped each; 210 shipped for both.

Prince O3 Tour Mid; 9.5/10 condition; 3/8 grip; Prince Syn. Duraflex 16; overgrip always used. 90shipped

Head Flexpoint Radical MP; 9.5/10 condition; 1/2 grip; Luxilon ALU 16L; overgrip always used; 75shipped

Wilson HPS 6.1; 7/10 condition; 3/8 grip; Babolat Hurricane 17 mains/Gosen JC Sheep Micro 16 crosses; 50shipped.

Pictures available for all.

Email me at spnutball405@aol.com for pics and more details.