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joe sch
11-22-2007, 07:38 AM
Im not seeing any discussions on the recent Federer v Sampras EXO's so I will create this thread. Just some quick observations base on seeing part of the 2 exhibitiions soo for which were all very close set wins for Roger. Many will claim exhibitions are meant to be close and Roger is trying to be nice to Pete but I think Roger is playing near his best and does not want to lose even a set. Super match II was a 76 76 Federer win and shows that on a fast surface, Sampras can probably still beat anybody in the World I dont think Sampras has lost anything except for possibly 1/2 of step, infact with the new Federer wilson racket, his serve and volley and BH are probably better than his prime. His running FH is also still tops. Thiese matches are showing how great Federer is and how awesome Sampras still plays a decade older than Federer.

These matches should really stir up the hope for Sampras to play Wimbledon again. Probably not, since Wimbledon plays slower now like Pete.

Looking for more observations from all the super TW posters ...

Happy Thanksgiving to all !

Kaptain Karl
11-22-2007, 08:20 AM
Joe -

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