View Full Version : Looking for the name of a traditional Canadian animator

11-22-2007, 07:12 AM
I have been looking for the name of a traditional Canadian animator for many hours on google, without success. I had a VHS recording of his “award-winning” animation that was aired about 10 years ago on Bravo channel I believe. I lost the tape and no longer remember his name as well. His traditional animation style has very sketchy lines, and is B&W I think. The humor was twisted: A guy drops his sandwich on the floor, then picks it up, observes closely the new dirty texture on the sandwich (with few pieces of hair sticking out)… thinks for a bit, then takes a bite and starts chewing. Different stories were tangled up within a 10-15 animation. There were no vocals, aside from sounds of eating, breathing, dog-barking, etc. It was a masterwork of animation; I want to buy his work if it’s available anywhere!

I am not a subscribed user to any animation forums, but I will become as a last resort just to find my information.