View Full Version : my new favorite player is...

03-19-2004, 09:39 PM
without question irakli lebadze. read his post blake match interview. he got called for a code violation for no good reason, so what does he do?? climb up the ump's chair and say directly into the mic,"no, code violation to you too!"
it's really, really too bad the mike was turned off

did anyone actually see this??

03-20-2004, 10:58 AM
LOL, random. He always gets code violations for like hitting balls and stuff. When I was a ballkid for him in doubles once, he whacked a ball into the roof and put a hole in it, and a point penalty caused him to be broken, he argued for a good 5 minutes.

BTW, what is Labadze's game like? He's got quite the heft on him, and I thought he was just kind of a blaster, is that true?

03-20-2004, 01:38 PM
PCMD his match is on right now but I'm not going to watch it.
Think big lefty serve, big forehand, pretty good 2 hander.

You are right about the weight it looks like he has put on a lot of weight both muscle and fat since I saw him a year ago.

03-20-2004, 01:51 PM
Ya I'm watching him now, seems like somewhat of a blaster type to me.

03-20-2004, 02:17 PM
He seems to be blasting plenty of unforced errors, but not many winners. He gets alot of penetration with his shots though, he seems like he strikes the ball well.