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12-08-2007, 02:57 AM
The following are the ratings of the current top 12. First figure is their peak rating, second figure is their current rating.

Methodology can be found at http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/showthread.php?t=165420.


1 Roger Federer 2841 2841
2 Rafael Nadal 2711 2708
3 Novak Đoković 2647 2647
4 Andy Roddick 2651 2638
5 Nikolay Davydenko 2630 2630
6 Fernando González 2604 2602
7 Tommy Haas 2596 2596
8 Marcos Baghdatis 2612 2595
9 Lleyton Hewitt 2649 2583
10 David Ferrer 2576 2576
11 Richard Gasquet 2576 2576
12 David Nalbandian 2616 2571

Please note despite recent successes of Richard Gasquet and David Nalbandian their recent time frame of success isn't sufficiently large enough for them to be included within the current top 10. Maybe the Australian Open will rectify this.


1 Justine Henin 2749 2735
2 Maria Sharapova 2696 2661
3 Serena Williams 2797 2655
4 Venus Williams 2750 2644
5 Amélie Mauresmo 2701 2641
6 Svetlana Kuznetsova 2631 2630
7 Ana Ivanović 2602 2602
8 Nicole Vaidišová 2590 2590
9 Lindsay Davenport 2731 2587
10 Anna Chakvetadze 2585 2585
11 Jelena Janković 2585 2585
12 Marion Bartoli 2578 2578

Please note DOT Ratings are not as time volatile as official rankings and are therefore less effected by injury or inactivity. E.g. Amélie Mauresmo still holds her #5 rank despite recent injury problems. However, we can see that this has decayed by 60 points since her peak in 2006. I have removed Kim Clijsters from the ranking given her retirement as she would still rank at #7 despite recent inactivity. Lindsay Davenport is included in the rankings at #9after returning to the game with a decayed rating of 2587 due to her inactivity. A Year ago she would have been 2627 and #6.

For me the big questions of next year are:

1. Can Henin overtake her peak Rating and climb into the open era top 10
2. Can Federer improve on his current unbelieavbly high DOT Rating of 2841.
3. Can Novak Đoković break the 2700 point barrier and become only the 15th player in the Open Era to achieve this standard.
4. Like Novak Đoković can Maria Sharapova exceed the 2700 point barrier.
5. Will Lindsay Davenport justify the reduced volatility of DOT by justifying #9 position and making at least 2 major quarter finals or 1 major semi final.

The 5th question is the biggest one for me as I have received lots of criticism of DOT by people who I believe place a lot of emphasis on the official rankings and say that players who have been out the game can't be in the top 30 etc. They normally follow this up with rankings must be results based. DOT are results based and I believe better reflects a players true standard due to the slower decaying model. For me Lindsay is the acid test. If she achieves the results I have set I believe I have refuted the criticism. If not, you all have my permission to have a good laugh at me ! :)