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03-20-2004, 07:09 PM
What are some of your favorite player coming up the ranks? I see many news guys that are exciting with big games on the court, and good personality to boot. I have already voiced my support for Amer Delic, and many others make themselves easy to root for. Dmitri Tursunov is another guy I think would be a great addition to the top of men's tennis. He has a pretty big serve, and a forehand that will make the net guy duck for cover. When you see him on the court he just stands there looking lazy, but when the ball approaches he springs into action with very loose and bouncy footwork. He looks like a Russian version of Guga, and he beat Guga at the Open last year in the 1st round. He moves around like a prize fighter who is looking to catch you off guard with a knockout punch. It would be great to see him faceoff against Fed in the near future. If one of these two guys don't make it further I will be shocked.

03-20-2004, 07:11 PM
Rafael Nadal.

Remember that name as you may hear it again -- such as in the Newcomer of the Year awards next week. :wink:

03-20-2004, 07:26 PM
You just want to get in his pants. *******.

03-20-2004, 07:48 PM
Nadal and Gasquet have already arrived, so I don't think they count. Keep any eye on Brian Baker, he's got a very mature game for his age, especially in doubles. I'll say top 100 by next year....

david aames
03-20-2004, 08:09 PM
Saw a few clips of Nadal playing a doubles match the other day... His strokes are not the cleanest but he seems fun to watch indeed.

03-20-2004, 09:22 PM
I was talking to Mr. Ed, who is my true love interest other than my husband, and we do not see anyone other than Rafael scooping up the ATP newcomer of the year award. Others were nominated, but Rafa seems to be the frontrunner. And IMHO, he deserves the award. But I am biased. But not to the level that Guest suggests. And I think Rafa will win it.

Let's see


03-20-2004, 09:25 PM
I'd say Robert Kendrick and Cyril Saulnier

03-21-2004, 07:31 AM
Donald Young

Vanja Ljubibratic
03-21-2004, 08:46 AM
What about the young Russian, Igor Andreev? I really hope that my countryman Janko Tipsarevic will make it.

03-21-2004, 09:02 AM
Andreev played with Tursunov at the recent challenger. They beat a top 30 ranked doubles team if I am correct. Andreev is a pretty good all around player, and he may go further if he gets more confident. They also beat Martin/Delic.

Lefty Spin
03-21-2004, 05:00 PM
Amer Delic, Rajeev Ram, Alex Kuznetsov, Bobby Reynolds, and Donald Young

03-21-2004, 08:34 PM
huh? a guy inside the top 40 no longer counts as up and coming he's arrived already.

Steve G's tennis site has a linked page based on an Excel file that tracks the top under 19 pro prospects and their records and rankings throughout the year.

12-16-2014, 02:33 PM
Amer Delic, Rajeev Ram, Alex Kuznetsov, Bobby Reynolds, and Donald Young

Throwback to when donald young was our biggest american hope

12-16-2014, 03:02 PM
I reckon Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are players to watch out for. I can see both of them winning Slams some day! :)

Oops, I just realised we're no longer in 2004! :wink: