View Full Version : FS: Head FlexPoint Prestige MP 4 1/2

01-02-2008, 06:27 PM
Condition is solid 8/10. The CAPS grommets have been trimmed off from the FlexPoint hole down. The following pictures show what it looks like.


I have a *new* set of CAPS grommets for this racquet. If the buyer prefers, I can cut the current string job out and install the brand new grommets, or I'll mail the grommets along with the racquet.

The string job is almost brand new, Ashaway Kevlar mains at 53 lbs. w/ Gosen Polyon SP crosses at 55 lbs. I hate to cut out the strings when they have so much life left, but the buyer can make that decision. I also (personally) prefer the feel of the racquet with the trimmed CAPS. The swingweight is noticeably lower and I detect no difference in the feel of the racquet (again, just my opinion).

Price is 85.00 shipped (USPS first class with delivery confirmation) to CONUS.

I can also restring the racquet for the cost of materials only, if the buyer prefers the full CAPS reinstalled. I have Ashaway Kevlar, SPPP 17 and 17L, Gosen Polyon SP 16, and Tecnifibre MultiFeel 17, or I can do a hybrid or any combo of those (Kevlar/Poly, full Poly, Poly/Multi, or full Multi). That would add 6.00-9.00 depending on the string chosen.

Payment via PayPal only: nkbond@knology.net

I will also consider a trade for a Yonex RDS 002 (non-Tour) in a 4 1/2 or 4 5/8 in like condition.

01-03-2008, 10:14 AM
NOTE: The grip size on this stick is 4 3/8, *not* 4 1/2.

Sorry for posting the wrong size!