View Full Version : M-Fil 300 (+lead) vs M-Fil 200 18 mains

01-06-2008, 09:03 AM
Yo, as in the title i'm trying to decide between these two rackets, though i'm leaning more towards the M-Fil 200 18 mains.

I have used the M-Fil 300 previously, but the L2 grip was way too small and I never got a feel for it. For some reason this racket felt a bit strange.. I never tried adding lead to it before I sold it on so i'm not sure if that improves on it?

Now the 200.. One of my previous rackets was the wilson hyper prostaff 6.1 18*20, so I think this is kind of similar to the dunlop, though the HPS was almost half an ounce heavier (12.5oz). I didn't have any problems with the wilson at all though serving was quite demanding, so I think I may suit the M-fil 200 pretty well? Does the 200 at least have a slightly better feel than the 300 'out of the box'?


01-06-2008, 10:52 AM
I have both frames. While I like the topspin it produces and the amazing drop volleys I've hit with it, the MFil 300 was just too light for my liking. Once I was in a tournament and started out with my MFil 200, then the strings started losing feel so not having another one, I pulled out the MFil 300. The weight difference was so drastic I was swinging past the strike zone a lot. When I didn't, a lot of my shots sailed long. My 300 is actually heavier because I bought a 4-1/4 grip size, then removed the stock grip, put a "what-a-grip" on the bare handle, put leather over that, then put an overgrip over that. I haven't weighed it but I know it's heavier and more head-light. Still though, it was too light.

If you like the MFil 200, I'd suggest demoing the AG200 before you make a decision. I found the stringbed to be much more lively on the AG and it also cuts through the air faster than the MFil so I think you have more flexibility with it.

Just my thoughts. If you can handle the weight and can produce your own spin, I say go for the 18x20 200Mfil or AG200.

01-06-2008, 11:08 AM
Yup I felt the 300 was far too light as well, I don't really think this has any advantages (unless you're quite young/a beginner).

Dunlops are pretty cheap in the UK for some reason, but the M-fil is less than half the price of the aerogel so I think the decision is made for me!

Thanks for your help!