View Full Version : FS - 2 Radical Trisys 260

01-09-2008, 06:43 AM
I have 2 of the Agassi Radical Trisys 260's that are pretty worn. They were bought in 1993/1994 timeframe and used for a season in high school and have recently started playing again with them. The guard is worn down and wasn't changed so there is some damage to the top, but doesn't affect the playability.

1 is a 4 3/8 grip and is slightly more worn that the one that is 4 1/2 grip. I built up the 4 1/2 grip with the Gamma Grip Build Up system, so if you are interested in both, I can try to cut the shrink wrap off and let you know if that works :)

I would like to get $65 each shipped. If you are looking for a Trisys to play with, these are great racquets. If you are looking for a mint condition one to add to a collection, these are not the ones.

If interested, please email me at iuppurdue@aol.com and I can send some pictures.

btw...4 1/2 grip is strung with polyester and 4 3/8 is unstrung.