View Full Version : **Decided on BABOLAT Pure Drive 107***

01-09-2008, 01:32 PM
good God, i am back where i started...was flexpoint 4 (head) but not enough power, had to work too hard, so demoed these baboat pure drives, the 107 and 110, LOTS of easy power, but going long with out spin as i hit a somewhat flat ball despite a semi western grip on forehands. went to the prince series ending with the ozone 7 (red) but altho nice at net, where i am in doubles 90% of the time, weak on serve and baseline. tried the babolat pure drive 107 today again and played SOOOOO well with it that i have as much as ended my search, pending your approval! (hee hee, just with the mixed review on the prince 7 ozone, i want to throw this back out there). easy power on serve and overheads, fine on baseline, some smashing bh's which is new for me! won! beat a better team and i must give the credit to this stick. great at drills, too. i'll keep it a week to make sure, but seems like a great choice, and condusive to working on spin if i am up for it. Comments? those playing with it, where do you string it and with what. this is just the demo strings today so sure it can only get better!!! :)