View Full Version : FT: Near mint LM Prestige mid for MG Extreme Pro.

01-20-2008, 06:24 PM
Ok. I have one of my Head LM Prestige mids left and would like to trade it for a good condition Head Microgel Extreme Pro.

The LM Prestige is in near mint 9.5/10 condition, and comes with its original LM Prestige cover (also in excellent condition) The grip size is 4 1/4. has one or two small grazes on the caps at the hoop, but the rest of the frame is in excellent condition. Strung with Babolat VS Touch.

I am looking for a Good condition 8-9/10 MG Extreme in 4 1/4 as a flat trade. Why trade a prestige for an Extreme Pro you ask?.. Its for my wife..

This is the frame I want to trade.. It is the one on the bottom on the floor..


Email if interested at: iizukaenglish@hotmail.com