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01-25-2008, 10:16 PM
Hi, :) I have been using the Liquidmetal Prestige Mid with some lead tapes for about 2 years. I tried the I. Prestige and definitely felt that it was too stiff for me to hit with. It was a very uncomfortable feeling for me. I've tried Babolat rackets and kept them aside after about 10 minutes of hitting. Anyway, that is some background info.

I am looking forward to buy a racket that is similar to Liquidmetal Prestige Mid that has a solid, crisp, rich feeling when you hit the ball. I don't feel much of it in the LM Prestige. Sometimes it feels very awkward.
I am a baseliner...with solid serves (1st flat, 2nd kick/twist)...my net game is not my weapon so I don't try as much...I serve and volley occasionally...

Rackets in mind.........
1) Microgel Prestige Mid
2) KFactor Kblade Tour
3) Wilson Prostaff Classic 85
4) KFactor KSix-One Tour 90
5) Prince Original Graphite
6) Prestige Classic/Tour 600
Any other rackets you want to recommend...please don't hesitate and just throw the names in the post and I will gladly read it......thanks
Any tips will be very appreciated...because I don't know a lot about rackets and their abilities..... please help~!:)
Thank you very much.....have a great day.......! :)

01-26-2008, 11:55 PM
Tsonga is playing.......!!!!!!!!!!:)