View Full Version : TW so awesome!!

02-01-2008, 07:24 AM
TW's customer service is soooooooo great!

i ordered my microgel prestige mid on wednesday last week, and since i ordered it before the time deadline, it was supposed to come on MONDAY. i needed to use it on saturday and it was going to be really hard to wait for it until monday. so i sent an email to TW, explaining my situation, and they shipped it that day even though the time deadline was over!! HOW NICE!!! so it arrived on friday! :D

that's not all.

after ordering the racquet, i realized i couldn't get the tennis-warehouse shirt, because it was out of stock (it went out of stock for new designed shirt, i realized). and i felt bad, and i emailed the TW again, and asked if i could get a shirt because it was out of stock

again, TW was soooo nice, and sent me a free shirt!!! i got them yesterday!

the design is really really nice, and i'm gonna use this for my tennis shirt!



02-01-2008, 10:24 AM
That was nice of TW, but don't you think you were being a little pushy? I don't know your full situation for the racquet, but cmon I'm sure you could of lived without the Shirt =P

but whatever at least your satisfied ;P