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12-18-2004, 03:01 AM
HOORAY!!! Finally you guys have decided to carry a "non-mainstream racquet". You are truly the greatest tennis supplier in the world! I never thought you guys would do it. None of your competition has ever carried a non-mainstream raquet. I hope this is the beginning of a new era for TW. There are so many other great non-mainstream racquets out there:

-Mitt...catches the ball like a Mitt a shoots it back at you.

-Blackburne- double strung on both sides so you never hit a frame shot. My personal favorite...I bought the last 10.. 95 inch frames they had in stock. I spent over a grand... I truly believe TW could rake in some major bucks carrying this stick.

-Bosworth- Decagon shaped frame

-x-45 - the head is placed at a 45 degree angle

david aames
12-18-2004, 07:06 AM
Just curious Intense2b, how many have you ordered already?

12-19-2004, 03:24 AM
Hi david,

I'm not sure if you are asking how many power angles I have ordered or how many of the other of the "non-mainstream" racquets that I listed have i ordered. Therefore here is my list:

-powerangle...zero. However I did test both the 98 and I think the 105. I loved the 98 inch...its just that I love the Blackburne 98 inch even better.

Blackburne 107...I bought 4 of these and used them for quite a while when I was a baseliner. Its an awesome stick for baseliners: however terrible for serve and volley. I switched my style of play and therefore my style of racquet as well.

Blackburne 95....11 sticks!! I am in love with this stick. I constantly compare it to every stick in the world but I always go back to it. I flirted with the Ncode 6.1 and the ncode 95 inch...but in the end the blackburne won again. The company stopped making it in 95 inch as better players would not even consider using such a weird stick (their loss is my gain). The only one that seems to sell is the 107 inch.

Bosworth..zero. I would absolutely love to try this racquet...but $399 bucks is way too much and he does not have a demo program. When the blackburne first came out at the Sharper image it was like $299..but you could return it! Even now Blackburne has a demo program and they have also dropped their price substantially. Bosworth will never take off without a demo program and also charging $399 a racquet.

Mitt...I bought one. this is an awesome racquet. I almost switched to this stick. It really works. It puts some serious spin on the ball...much more than the power angle. I have the 95 or 98 inch one...I forget the exact measurement. If I ever run out of my blkackburnes then this would be my racquet of choice.

X-45..I bought 2 and returned one. I tried the red one and the silver one. These are not bad sticks...but the angle just seems wrong for serving...I could not get used to it, but If I had to choose I definitely would pick the silver one.

as far as mainstream racquets.... I have demoed and bought quite a few as well. Most recently the Ncode 6.1 90 inch. I was forced to buy it because I wanted it strung with gut and it takes me several months to fully test a racquet out. I loved this racquet...I was just not good enough for it on ground strokes...but for serve and volley this stick is unbelievable!