View Full Version : Ionic Ki 5 or Heritage Type S

12-18-2004, 07:27 PM
I'am contemplating purchasing either the Ionic Ki 5 of Type S from ProKennex. I'am a 4.0 highschool varsity player. All-court game. Strong 1st serve, lacking 2nd serve. Strong one-handed backhand. Western forehand.
Which racquet would you guys recommend?
Any help is appreciated.

Steve H.
12-19-2004, 08:51 AM
They are both nice racquets, but very different. The Ki5 is heavier, more flexible, lower-powered, and has the "kinetic" pellets, basically a traditional player's frame that is on the light side.

The S is lighter and more powerful. It has specs and composition similar to the Babolat Pure Drive or Wilson Surge, but has a tapered beam (25mm head, 17.5mm throat). With medium-high stiffness and low swingweight it lends itself to big serves and a modern topspin-Western baseline game, while the narrow throat makes volleys very precise. It doesn't have any damping technology, and would not be good for players with elbow problems.

I played with the S for most of this year but have switched recently to a softer and less powerful racquet (Fischer Pro 1) -- actually if you would like to try the S on the cheap, I'd be willing to sell one or two in a 4 5/8 grip, drop me a line.