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02-06-2008, 12:07 PM
As the title suggests, I have a Head Pro Tour 630 racquet for trade.

Condition: I'm simply giving it a 8/10, with the reason being: the thing at the bottom of the handle is gone and it has two 1.5 cm long paint chips; only cosmetic damage. Racquet says 'Made in Austria'.

Grip size: 4 3/8.

No idea what it is strung with, but I can assure you, it is strung.

I'd be delighted were there to exist a person wanting to trade this wonderful frame for their Wilson PS Original 95, and even more so, were it to have it's original leathergrip left. It does not have to be strung but the condition shouldn't be bad; even though you're supposed to use it to hit a yellow ball, I still want to admire it.

I can also throw in a smaller pallet and you will also receive a Head bag to put the racquet in (those small bags to put one racquet in).

Also, please not that I reside in Sweden, Europe, so I'm hoping that won't be a problem, seeing as many of you reside in the states.

You can reach me at jannek_89@hotmail.com if you are interested, and I do hope you are.

02-06-2008, 07:28 PM
e-mail sent

02-13-2008, 01:45 PM
The blade has been sent away on a long journey to find it's rightful owner, the one who can truly draw out it's full potential and weild it with grace and perfection.

It's been shipped away, is what I'm saying.