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Richard Pur
03-22-2004, 09:54 AM
I'm still looking for THE replacement racquet for my Wilson Ultra FPK and I had a revelation. With my current racquets being fairly old (in play for about 5-6 years and starting to get banged up), how much stiffness has the racquet lost? The SI was originally 5.0 which I believe was fairly stiff.

But with the tapered beam, it has a unique feel. Was wondering if I've been looking in the wrong places for a replacement. Could the stiffness be in the 6.0 or 6.0+ range now? I love the way the racquet volleys, and with some of the new excitement about the ROK, I'm thinking about giving that a try. I've hesitated trying the ROK because of the lower stiffness and the denser string pattern.

Slazenger also has their new Pro X1 coming out in early April. It has a thinner beam (20mm), lower stiffness (64), and is 11.5 OZ with what they say even balance. I'm going to try that one out for sure. Looks like they are going for the players racquet at the other end of the spectrum (after the previous Pro Braided models being so stiff).

Back to the original question, how much stiffness could a racquet lose?

03-22-2004, 10:07 AM
hi there...good luck in finding a replacement for the fpk (the blue one) if you are looking for something similar. the rok is far less headlight than the ultra fpk which is one of the most headlight racquets you can find. over time frames do become fatigued especially if frequently restrung (some more than others). they just kind of die a slow death on you and gradually become dead and softer. much of it depends on well the frame is made and how much graphite fiber they use vs binders. if you love the FPK why dont you just pick up a brand new one and see how much your old ones have lost? i think they are part of the Bosworth collection?Ed

03-22-2004, 11:47 AM

ummm, id hardly call 2 points headlight one of the most headlight racquets ever.........
richard, try demoing the racquet in the link above and see how it plays. the stiffness of graphite wains after a certain amount of hitting, depending on how hard you play the racquet as well. not to mention many older racquets were made with less pure of graphite, thus more chance for it to begin to bend in specific spots more eventually cause stress fractures throughout the frame. so yes, NEW racquet of what you are already playing with would certainly be a better route.
also, stiffness doesnt really dictate what swing index the racquet would fall under, there are a rediculous number of things to take into account when deciding where to place a racquet. also, i somehow doubt it has lost really all that much power, but it probably does feel quite mushy at this point im sure. :)

03-22-2004, 01:01 PM
i used to hit with this frame..it was the 95 version and mine were very very headlight. they were so headlight that they were lousy from the baseline. the originator of this post doesnt specify which framesize he is talking about and i didnt even know they made an 85 size. but thanks for the correction brajole. Ed

Richard Pur
03-24-2004, 04:17 AM
I was using the 95 sq. in. version, and I agree with brijoel, this is not overly headlight. That's why I think it volleys so well - good stability. That's why I also am having a hard time finding a replacement, most racquest these days are too headlight for me (I've started experimenting with lead tape for the first time). I guess that's why I've been trying the Henman Pro Braided and am looking forward to the new Pro X1 which is supposed to be an even balance.

03-24-2004, 07:52 AM
No Wilson racquets begin to feel as damped and as flexible as the FPK. You may need to look at the Volkl or Head racquets, then lament that none have 16 mains.

Richard Pur
03-24-2004, 09:29 AM
Thanks for the feedback. All the more reason for me to start considering more flexible racquets (if my FPK is playing like mush now and I still like it). That's why the ROK and the new Slazenger Pro X1 are creaping up on my short list of candidates. I tend to gravitate towards Wilson though because of their long history with players racquets.

If I was so concerned about losing stiffness in my racquet, I guess I'd buy that new Prince Viagra.

03-24-2004, 09:56 AM
Wait a bit, the new Wilson Cialis will last 3 times as long.

03-24-2004, 10:28 AM
the only problem with racquets losing the siffness is that eventually it gets past the nice soft feel and begins to feel a little out of control. the racquet doesnt always breakdown in the same areas. i know this is what is currently happening in my pro staff 6.0. there have been numerous times lately that ive hit two similar shots and one will just go whacko. still hit the sweet spot, still nice racquet prep and swing, and timing. but i can feel one part isnt giving uniformly with the rest of the racquet. i hit with someone else's pro staff they had only about 3 months and dont anywhere near as hard as i do, and didnt have a single problem with these wierd shots. course mine is also begining to get stress fractures in the lower part of the hoop as well, so i think my case my be a bit extreme, although this same thing has happened with EVERY SINGLE ONE of my pro staffs.