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12-23-2004, 04:53 AM

I want to replace my current frame which is the Babolat PC (2003).
I find it o.k on serves and groundies but difficult on volleys.
I played a little with my friend's Wilson pro stuff 6.1 classic 95" and it was greater on serves and control but the most impressive thing about it was the feeling and stability (and also the backhand).
Don't get me wrong the PC is a great frame but I think it isn't 100% suit for my style of game.

I'm about 4.5NTRP level and playing allcourt but hits most of the time flat except on angles and such... I also play a 1 HBH .

I'm from Europe and it's hard for me to Demo , so I would like to read your suggestions .

I'm thinking on switching mybe to : LM Prestige MP , Wilson n6 95"
or Wilson pro tour 90 (altough I can find it difficult to handle)

SC in MA
12-23-2004, 08:26 AM
A few years ago, I played with the Wilson HPS 6.1 and switched to the older, heavier Pure Control (2001/2002 model ?) for about 6 months. I found the PC to be great on groundstrokes, but lacking in maneuverability, especially on reach shots and volleys. I switched back to the Wilson HPS 6.1 and my allcourt game definitely improved.

From the HPS, I switched to the Wilson nCode 6.1 95 when it first came out (the beginning of last summer ?). I think the HPS has a bit more feel and the nCode a bit more power and is a bit more comfortable to play with.

I've never hit with the nCode 90, but I did get to hit with the LM Prestige MP for about 5 minutes a couple of weeks ago. It felt very good, nice and solid. I liked it enough that I hope to demo it after the holiday season.

Another stick that seems to be in the same class is the Yonex RDX500, both mid and MP. From the message board, it seems that the mid has a bit more positive press. My concern with the mid would be the 90sq in head size.

A stick that I'm currently play testing is not in the traditional player stick category (HL, heavy). It's the Wilson H Tour 95, which is basically even balanced and light (10.9oz strung I think). I would never ever have considered this racket except that a 5.0 playing friend of mine uses it. I tried it and was very surprised on how it plays. It seems to be light but swings with a surprisingly solid heavier feel. It seems to be very maneuverable. I hit a 1HBH and have never hit better, more consistent top spin returns. It also volleys very solidly and is great on reflex volleys. I initially had problems with timing on the serve, but not any more. My serves are as good as with any other stick I've used. Having used HL, heavy rackets for so many years, it still feels kind of strange to play with a racket with this balance and weight. However, so far, I've played very well with it.

radical tourist
12-23-2004, 09:43 AM
Are you sure you couldn't salvage that PC with a little lead at 3,9, and handle to improve volleys and perhaps a softer string?

12-23-2004, 12:49 PM
I already use leadtape on the 3,9 and about 4gr on the 12.
that's the most benefit I managed to squeeze so it will partly fit me. it's now about 340gr.

I'm thinking about the LM prestige MP but I'm afraid of it's weight, people here say it cause some shoulder problems and etc..
Also is the LM prestige has power as like the PC or PD ??
I like serving with the Babolat frames .

12-23-2004, 02:31 PM
yeah, the lm perstige mp is going to have about the same power as a pc, but less than a pure drive. teh string pattern on the lm prestige is tighter than pc so you will get a bit less spin. otehr than that, its a very solid frame. groundies are very solid with the prestige, good control as well.

12-24-2004, 12:11 AM
I have hit with the Bab. PC (only shortly) and I playtested the LM Prestige MP for 6 weeks in the end of the summer season, and I have it on playtest now again, it's a great frame. I am also testing the mid btw, so far I prefer it. But anyways.

What I recall from the Bab. PC is that it was rather stiff. I found it felt a bit "boardlike" and I feel the same about all the Pro staff's I've hit with so far. The Prestige has a completely different feel though. I don't know what you want, if you want to keep a somewhat stiffer feel, don't go for the LM Prestiges, they are "butterlike" so to speak :) and don't resemble the feel of the bab PC. If you want to keep the feel in the same range, I would suggest you take a look at some of the Wilson Pro staffs.

As for the arm comments on the LM prestiges (both MP and Mid), I find em both very comfortable. As I said, I've played with the LM Prestige MP for 6 weeks (including 2 double tournies) and have no complains at all, injury wise. For comparison, I played with a Wilson Surge with 20 grams of lead added in the top and my arm hurt after hitting with it for an hour. I think it was too stiff. Never so with the prestiges though, hit an intensive training with the mid yesterday (and thats less forgiving than the MP) and no ache at all.

As for the stats of the LM prestige MP scaring you, it plays very light, if not too light imo. Btw, you have a Bab, PC at 340 grams and your scared of the lighter LM prestige MP?? :) .........

Summarizing, if you want (more or less of course) the same feel as your current racket, try one of the Wilsons or so. If you want a "softer" feel, try the LM Prestiges (even the mid is not so scary as it's stats might suggest, keep in mind that it is very low powered though, which I like :)).

Actually, I am going to buy a LM prestige, but I'm still deciding on the Mid or MP.

Btw Ronin, where do you live in Europe? I'm in Holland and I have no problem getting demo rackets from various internet shops.


12-24-2004, 12:33 AM

You are convincing me to purchase the LM prestige but
I want to ask you what do you think about the mid size vs. the midplus b/c mybe I'll go on the Midsize .
If I play with the PC that has a 97" head (with a bad sweet spot) and also hit for a while with the Wilson PS 6.1 classic that
has a 95" head, What do you think about the 93" head of the prestige ? Is it forgiving or not ?

Btw, I'm from Israel (more of the Middle East rather than Europe)
anyway, there is no such thing here to Demo racquets, you can mybe try to hit a few min. with it if the seller at the local Tennis club agree

12-24-2004, 01:02 AM

Since I have played with the MP I have changed my forehand grip from nearly full western to semi western. I haven't hit with the MP since then, but I will give it another run before deciding. I have it at home atm (arrived yesterday from a demo program, as I said, I have the mid as well). I am going to give both another run or 2 somewhere this week, so that I can make an honest comparison.

From my hitting experience yesterday with the mid, and my recollection of the MP I can say this though: So far, I feel that the mid is, of course, somewhat less forgiving than the MP. By that I mean the powerdrop is less for the MP if you dont hit the sweetspot, neither of the rackets become harsh on your arm on a miss-hit though, at least that's my impression.

I feel that the MID is in general more solid, but the MP is easier to get moving, although for both rackets I feel that they play lighter than their specs would suggest. I had no problems getting the mid moving, but I'd have to test whether I can keep this up for a whole match, but I suspect it won't be much of a prob.

As for the headsize: The only place where I found that the MID's smaller headsize was a little troublesome , was on volleys. You really have to hit it in the center to get some zip on it, but I think I could get used to this quite easily. At the end of the training, I was hitting more and more drive volleys nice and deep again.

FYI, I hit with long, fast strokes. Semi-western forehand, full western one-handed backhand. Relative to other ppl of my lvl (I'd have to guess I'm around 4.0-4.5 or so, no clue though) I have a rather big serve (im 1.95 m tall). I play both singles and doubles. In doubles I tend to play serve/volley. In singles I am more of an all courter, finishing points at the net when I can, but happy to remain at the baseline as well.

I will post somewhere later this week when I have tried both rackets a bit more extensively.....


12-24-2004, 05:00 AM
thanks Mies ,

Also is someone try the Wilson ncode 6 and can give me his impression about it vs. PC or LM Prestige or PS 6.1 Classic ?

12-25-2004, 07:30 AM
Is anyone can tell me his impression on the PS 6.0 95" or ncode 6 95" vs. the Wilson PS6.1 Classic or the LM prestige ?

Power Game
12-26-2004, 07:45 AM
I'll compare the tour 90, ncode 90 and lm prestige mid if you want...
check back later tonight