View Full Version : agassi/graf tamarack in idaho??

02-22-2008, 08:23 PM
is this trouble at tamarack going to affect stefi/andre adversely?

this story was all over the headlines today, with andre's name prominent although somewhat vague as to what's happening re: his interest. i think he may be o.k..

Four-year-old Tamarack Resort said construction of its ski village near McCall, Idaho, has ground to a halt after Société Générale pulled the plug on a $118
million loan Tamarack needed to finish the complex of shops and condominiums.


like i said, unclear as to effect on agassi. both in terms of development of the hotel and his actual direct investment (although i believe he's make big point that it's much more than him putting his name on the project. actually, i'm not sure they're even using his name)