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03-04-2008, 10:24 PM
i am limited to a combined budget of $20 for 2 sets, 1 set of each type
mains: poly
crosses: multi

here are possible options (i will add more as recommendations show up in thread)
Babolat Pro Hurricane
Kirschbaum Super Smash
Kirschbaum Pro Line I (if i buy the three pack)
Kirschbaum Pro Line II (if i buy the three pack)
Kirschbaum P2
Luxilon Super Poly
Luxilon Big Banger XP
Pro Supex Big Ace

Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament
Technifibre E-Matrix
Wilson Sensation

03-04-2008, 11:08 PM
still need more info.
i can recomend you alot of strings but it would all come down to your info about tennis..

03-05-2008, 05:01 AM
Poly: Signum Pro Poly Plasma (mains): very good perf/price rat - winner of many string tests (6Euro/set)
Multifil: Pro's Pro High tec multifil (crosses): Cheap comfortable gut-like multifil (4-5Euro/set)

03-06-2008, 05:02 PM
im a 3.5-4.0 in high school
i play mostly doubles
what else?

03-06-2008, 05:15 PM
i have to suggest pro supex big ace 17 for your mains. GREAT string. great feel, durability, tension maintenance...

don't have much experience with multis. how did you pick those as your mains? do you need power, durability, feel? seems like you could go with cheaper strings for your crosses if you need to save money. i thought the prince multi was pretty good, but like i said i can't really compare it to other multis...

03-07-2008, 05:05 PM
as i said above i have a budget. i prefer feel more.
btw where can i buy pro supex big ace?

03-08-2008, 07:37 PM
these aren't on your list but if you're within the budget of $20 i recommend pro supex strings. i think the most on a package of strings is like $10. i currently play with big age on mains and syn gut titans on the crosses.

03-08-2008, 07:50 PM
mains: signum pro poly plasma
crosses: prince syn gut multi

03-08-2008, 09:04 PM
as i said above i have a budget. i prefer feel more.
btw where can i buy pro supex big ace?

if you are on a budget i would highly recommend big ace mains with gosen og micro crosses. you can get a reel of og micro for $30, which is a bargain. you can find big ace online at different string websites. google it.

03-09-2008, 05:51 PM
i need more multis recommendations.
i currently use:
mains: pro hurricane 16 @ 60
crosses: prince synthetic gut multifilament @ 58
i like it but just looking around for other possibilities

03-09-2008, 06:03 PM
I agree with minirafa, and for an extra $5 ($25 total) you could probably get another set of each.

03-12-2008, 08:36 PM
okay i am getting a good deal from a member of my hs tennis team
1/2 set luxilon + labor $15
now i still need more multi suggestions
i tried psgm, i liked it, but im just trying out other possibilities
what do you guys think of the technifibre e-matrix? a multi for only $5, good price

03-12-2008, 09:30 PM
Have you looked at OG Micro in the crosses? Good feedback in this section in regards to that string.

03-12-2008, 09:45 PM
i was thinking more on the multis side, actuallly

03-12-2008, 09:51 PM
i was thinking more on the multis side, actuallly

I know you had mentioned a budget as well--just checkin'.

03-13-2008, 07:16 PM
bump 10 char

03-13-2008, 07:37 PM
google string depot plus if you're looking for pro supex strings!

03-13-2008, 07:48 PM
i have already chosen luxilon
just trying to find a multi
may eventually try pro supex big ace

03-13-2008, 08:29 PM
i have already chosen luxilon
just trying to find a multi
may eventually try pro supex big ace

go ahead a try big ace. they aren't expensive and it'll be worth it in the end!

03-15-2008, 09:05 AM
where's the love guys? no recommendations?

03-26-2008, 08:42 PM
UPDATE I'm trying pro supex big ace with Wilson nxt. Any other suggestions?

03-26-2008, 10:00 PM
the luxilon will really limit you to like a $5 multi but there arent really any worth it at that price range for one reason or another. i suggest to go w/ a diff poly as luxilon will last you but the playability wont last you more than a 2-3 hours and you are looking for feel.

solid polys whose playability will last you longer than most others and a solid price which leaves you more for a better multi:
-SPPP(one of first polys to have much improved tension maintenance)
-topspin cyberflash(more a baseliner string)
-cyberpower(way better in terms of feel than cyberflash, better versatility for various swing speeds)
-big ace has a massive cult following on the boards here, i tried the 1.22 and its got great dwell time for a poly with faster swing speeds, but personally i felt like the feel was sometimes inconsistent(not a lot though)

i normally use cyberpower1.25(reel, way cheaper) and isospeed control or professional. more feel go w/ a thinner gauge poly(1.25ish or less), if you mix w/ a multi, the thinner gauge wont really make a difference for durability as the multi should break first.

if you want big ace, this is what i ordered to try out their strings, never got around to trying the maxim touch(multi) yet but the titan for a solid core is quite soft(limp noodle out of package). google 'pro supex sampler pack b', well w/in your price range. good luck.

03-26-2008, 10:13 PM
What Ever You Do Don"t Use The Sensation's!

03-26-2008, 11:19 PM
yah the luxilon deal is off.
there was a misunderstanding.