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12-29-2004, 09:33 AM
How do you rate each racquet in terms of maneuverability, sweetsport and miss-hit, and feel? I want to get new racquet to replace my old one. My game is basically grownstroke and volley. Thank you

12-29-2004, 01:12 PM
I can comment on RDX500 mid and LM Prestige mid.

I had both strung with Head RIP Control 16, on mid tension recomended (as starting point for estimation). String is on the edge of being dead, anti-trampoline response, excellent control, good spin.

Both sticks have sweetspots so large that you don't have to think about sweetspot too much. When I started to play after long pause I constantly hitted the same spot on stringbed on backhand volleys, which unfortunatelly wasn't sweetspot, but about 2 inches toward the handle, and about the same toward 3 o'clock side. LM Prestige didn't produce any unpleasent shock or strong vibration, didn't twist and power was a bit lower. Quite good behaviour.

Actually, my expirience is that LM Prestige don't have extremely pronounced sweetspot. You can miss-hit (dash to avoid censorship), or hit dead sweetspot, and feel wasn't much different. That is good and bad. Bad is that it lacks certain sweetness, and the good is that it will not punish you severely on miss-hit.

Even though LM Prestige is the first good racquet in my possesion with 18x20 stringbed, I can say that both frames show typical behaviour for their stringbed density. 18x20 is a little dead (at least with RIP control) for my taste.

RDX500 mid have (IMHO) sweeter feel, definitely has better vibration "management". I liked it more. It is cleaner feeling racquet. LM Prestige is like when you make loudspeakers out of that wooden material (I can't recall the term - splinters and glue compressed) in order to avoid strong resonance and instead get all kinds of weaker vibrations. Versus clean and properly dampened one vibration with RDX500.

Maneuverability - RDX has lover sw, and it showes. Combined with it's solidness, I think it is better achievement. You can add some lead if necessary and as a consequence have even more solidness.

LM Prestige mid has pretty good mass in head. Eventually I stripped parts of CAP grommets. If I played more, maybe I wouldn't had to do that (I inclined toward heavier sticks in general).

If I had to choose between these two I would take prefference in string density as main factor. If you play a lot and you are strong, LM Prestige mid swingweight should not be a big obstacle (otherwise CAPs are waiting ;) ).

But by all means - try them.

12-29-2004, 01:14 PM
I have played with all three....

nCode 90:
Very stiff racquet, with a decent amount of pop when u hit the sweetspot... your going to need to be a good player to consistantly hit it though, because in tight situations its not easy to find. Stable, and a good balance, but heavy and small sweetspot... suspect very string sensitive.

LM Prestige Mid:
The most stabel racquet I've come accross, both stiff and flexy, with a generous sweetspot when strung corrrectly (low tension decent strings). Good spin generation when you generate the racquet head speed, but no free spin on slower shots (ala POG ). Fantastic serving racquet, with power and placement... strangely good for kick serves to. Excellent for 2HBH for some reason.

RDX 500 Mid:
Stable, and consistant feeling, but a little light weight compaired to others. Easy to swing and easy to generate spin with... fairly low powered considering the decent sweetspot, but probably because of the light weight. The beam is a little think for my liking, and I don't like veriable thinkness, but thats just me. served well, and was particually good on forehand. No major weaknesses, other than a lake of weight.

All in all, I say the RDX has far less problems than the other two... the nCode is stunning when it works right, but you will really get so frustraighted when it isn't going right... sort of simular to the Prestige, but not as sevre.

If it was me, for groundstokes a volleys I'd go for the RDX, maybe the Prestige... the nCode is to unforgiving, unless your a 7.0.

12-29-2004, 01:16 PM
excuse the speeling :-)

12-29-2004, 01:43 PM
I forgot - concerning a bit dead stringbed on LM Prestige. I had a brief expirience with Gamma Synthetic Gut on it. An it wasn't dead at all. In fact I couldn't hit compass direction, so I cut strings.

That is why I mentioned RIP Control as important factor.

( excuse mu speeling two! no speelchequer for us e-literate :( )

12-30-2004, 12:25 PM
Hey BLiND,

you are one of the boarders that helped me make up my mind and go for RDX! Thanks!

12-30-2004, 12:48 PM
I have played with all three....

nCode 90:
Very stiff racquet,
Although stiffer than the other 2 sticks, the nsix-one tour isnt very stiff to be honest (66), try a pure drive or the old PSC 6.1 (RDC of 70 and 72...Ouch! :) )

12-30-2004, 03:58 PM
ironic that I actually prefer to play with the Prestige myself, isnt it... I know the RDX racquets are great, its just I cannot get-on with the yonex head shape :-(

12-30-2004, 05:10 PM
ironic that I actually prefer to play with the Prestige myself, isnt it... I know the RDX racquets are great, its just I cannot get-on with the yonex head shape :-(

For some reason the Yonex head shape seems terrible with a 1-hand backhand. I don't know why but I just associate Yonex hexagonal(?) shape with 2-hand backhand. (I have 1-hand backhand and I think I will never play with a Yonex head-shape - just me).

BLiND "strangely good for kick serves"
Am demo-ing the new LM Prestige MP now. Sent down a few great kickers. Heavy racquet though so far whew...

12-31-2004, 06:35 PM
Thank for opinions,

The topic about Yonex head shape and 1hbh is interesting. I also feel it's difficult to hit 1hbh with my dad's Yonex R-10, compared with my POG mid. Do the RDX mid and LM Pres mid as maneuverable as POG mid? I like everything for POG mid except stability and twist when miss hit.

Thank you

01-01-2005, 06:49 AM

send regards to your dad! I palyed with R7, which is close cousin of R10 (R7=graphite/fiberglass, R10=graphite).

Well, I never had any special propblems regarding head shape, but "that's just me" (to steal expression). I like RDX more than LM P even for backhand...

Both (RDX and LM P) are very stable - you should look at BBB's latest reviews - he is master for POG Mid and becoming one for RDX and LM P...

I remember that R7 has sweetspot about inch lower than one would guess just by looking at it. Maybe that is the problem. Other Yonex (square head too) R50, and RDX, both mids, have sweetspots in "normal" position. (all over the head :) ) In last years of me using R7, head was significantly weighted, so sweetspot moved from it's original position.