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03-14-2008, 06:30 AM
I had been away from playing tennis almost 10 years when taking it up again last summer. I never experienced much with strings back in the days, but rather just strung with nylon (cheap) or some synthetic guts. Now, thought, I thought that I would take the time to try some different strings and string types, and therefore I ordered a bunch of different sets to try to do a somewhat "scientific" test.

I am 32 years old, and would consider myself as a 4.0-player. I have a very strong forehand, that I use to dictate the game when I can. I usually hit with heavy topspin but can hit very hard and flat shots as well when needed. I play a 2hnd backhand and also use alot of sliced backhands. I hit hard and flat first serves and use a very effective topspin/twist second serve.

Here is what I will do: I have 2 sets of racquets consisting of 3 Wilson PSC (oversized) and 2 Babolat Pure Storm Team. I will string them in the following way:

Wilson PSC #1: Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.18
Wilson PSC #2: Signum Pro Hextreme 1.22

I have strung these already, at approx. 56 lbs each. What I wanted to try with this setup is to see if I notice any difference at all between the SPPP and the Hextreme, spin-wise, since the Hextreme is supposed to generate more spin due to its hexagonal shape. I know there is a slight difference in the gauges, but I doubt that I will notice the difference. Maybe I should have strung the heavier gauge 1 or 2 lbs lighter, but I didn't want to experiment with that because I didn't know exactly how many pounds I should go down. Just by looking at and touching the strings, I must say the the hexagonal shape is not much noticeable, so I doubt that I will feel a huge difference in spin.

Now I have the following sets left:
Pro Supex Blue Gear 1.25
Topspin Cyberflash 1.20 (2 sets)
PolyFibre TCS 1.20
TopSpin Cyber Power 1.25

My plan is to string one of the Babolats with the Blue Gear because I have heard alot of nice things about that string, but I don't know what to string the second babolat with...Since I have 2 sets of Cyberflash, I was thinking about string 1 Babolat with that and the third PSC with the other set to be able to compare the same string in 2 different racquet types. I could also do that by stringing those 2 racquet with a hybrid of Cyberflash (mains) and Cyber power (crosses). Or do you guys have any other suggestions?

I play tennis 2 hours every thursday so I will report my review of the strings next week!

03-15-2008, 03:09 PM
I just strung the third PSC with Cyberflash (56lbs) to see the difference between this string and the SPPP and the Hextreme.

I have strung 1 of the Babolats with the TCS string (1.20). The TCS is supposed to be a spin string with a string surface shaped like the peel of an orange... I will string the other Babolat with ProSupex Blue Gear to see if there is a difference between the Blue gear and the TCS.