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Craig Sheppard
01-01-2005, 06:51 AM
Take a look at these specs for 12.2 oz racquets:

Estusa PBB: 10 HL, 309 SW
Prince Diablo Mid: 9 HL, 331 SW
Prince NXG MP: 9 HL, 326 SW
Volkl C10 Pro: 8 HL, 323 SW
Volkl Tour 10 VE Mid: 8 HL, 318 SW
Wilson nSix-One 95: 10 HL, 330 SW
Wilson PS 6.0 95: 10 HL, 317 SW

They're all over the map! For two 10 pts HL racquets, the swingweight ranges from 309 to 330?

I understand that racquets have a variation in weight and the weight listed on TW is an average of a few sticks. I'm just wondering if the balance and the swingweight is done in the same manner? I thought swingweight was derived from static weight and balance. What's with so much variation then? If the swingweights and balance aren't measured and averaged like the static weight is, then the numbers will be very inconsistent.

I'm not comparing the sticks above for demo, I just don't like seeing those kind of numbers b/c I can't trust them. Also thought it'd be good for those who do select a racquet based on specs. I'm sure we've all demoed some racquets we know feel the way we expected.


01-01-2005, 07:53 AM
swingweight isnt derived from static weight and balance. it is derived by putting the frame in a machine and measuring how much energy it takes to swing the frame. swingweight and balance are far more impt specs than static weight IMO. The specs you've listed are probably correct. you could have two frame of identical static weight and balance but with far differing swingweights based on very unequal weight distribution.

01-01-2005, 08:01 AM
NBMJ, would you mind responding to the below thread relating to the difference between the v-engine tour 10 mid and the tour 10 MP. I've already hit with the V-engine tour 10 Mp, but liked the tour 10 MP better--more feel. What do you think the Gen II will offer that's better than the beloved Tour 10 MP? thanks--I really enjoy reading your posts--very informative.

01-01-2005, 01:17 PM
SW is the result of the combination of : weight, balance, and weight repartition

2 racquets can have the same weight, and same balance, but a different weight repartition that leads to different SW.