View Full Version : Customizations to a Fischer Pro No. 1

01-03-2005, 05:53 PM
Hi, I've recently acquired two Fischer Pro No. 1 and have found them too light. The current set up is stock weight, plastic still on handle with overgrip on it, and Luxilon ALU Power 16L @ 52 on one and Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 @ 52 on the other. Currently, I find these racquets too powerful compared to the PT's, even with polyester. My previous and still semi-current racquets are the Head Pro Tour 280. However, the PT 280's are weighted to approximately 13 ounces with quarters and lead tape. Before increasing weight on mine, I would like to hear some of your setups/customizations.

If it's of any importance, my game style is left handed, semi-western topspin forehand, 2-handed backhand, mostly slice and kick serves with occasional flats, like to come to net as often as possible.