View Full Version : I love the Tour 90. Would I love the PS 6.0 85?

01-04-2005, 03:58 PM
Hi everyone. I used to use a 95 inch head size but once I tried out a smaller one in the Tour 90 I absolutely loved it. Can anybody compare the PS 6.0 85 with the Tour 90? I am really interested in gathering feedback regarding control and feel, because these 2 are my main priorities when I'm looking for a racquet. I like the feel of the racquet to be very solid/stable, and low in power. It must have a satisfying feel when hit hard and right in the sweetspot! Sorry if this topic has been done to death.

I would really like someone who has both racquets to reply if possible!

BTW I did not like the NCode 90 at all because it felt too... mechanic? Felt too powerful and it felt too much like the racquet was doing the work instead of me.


01-04-2005, 04:54 PM
It is a very different racket. If you like the tour 90 that much then i suggest you stay with it they are also awesome deals on matched pairs for this stick now.

01-04-2005, 05:54 PM
i couldn't see why you wouldn't like the ps 6.0 85. they're somewhat similar even though it has been reported that the balance on the tour 90 was 'wierd'. i liked the ps6.0 versus the tour90 because it seemed a little more manuverable.

01-04-2005, 06:09 PM
I like 85 more than 90 and 85 is more stable for me.

01-04-2005, 06:33 PM
The 85 does feel more stable compared to the tour 90. Forehands feel great when you hit the sweetspot on the 85. I can serve better with the 85 than I can with the tour 90.

01-05-2005, 03:45 PM
Thanks for the feedback! As much as I love the Tour 90s (btw ANIMAL, where are some reliable places I can get these cheap matched pairs?? Must ship to Australia!) I think I just might have to try out this racquet. I could love it even more... never know until I try!

One question though: the TW review gives a relatively low score for topspin. I have a modern forehand- will this be a problem? What kind of strokes do you guys have?

Also as a side question, why is it that a lot of commentators say that if you tried to hit a modern forehand (federer style) with a wooden racquet, you'll seriously hurt yourself? I've never really understood this. Is it the weight of the racquet or what?

Thanks again!

01-06-2005, 06:07 AM
Topspin is great for me w/the 6.0. Don't over-analyze these reviews. I don't always agree with the testers opinions. I love the 6.0 85.

01-06-2005, 09:42 AM
I've played both.

the 85 is much more manuverable, feels better when you hit the sweet spot, and offers a little better control. The difference in the sweet spot is noticable, however. I find the 90 has more "plow thru" factor - it's noticably heavier as well.

Overall, the 85 is better, but there are very few players that can play with it effectively (I prefer the 90). As far as modern forehands and the racket, I have a modern forehand as well. I think the main issue is head size and not weight. In the classic forehand, the sweetspot travels along the trajectory of the ball for a considerable amount of time. In the modern forehand, the racket only intersects the ball trajectory at the moment of contact.

the 85 is a classic racket, but most people that use it are hurting their games cause they can't it the sweet spot enough. Here's how you can tell if you are good enough: look at the rackets you are using now. If there is a ton of fuzz in the middle of the racket and almost none outside of the sweetspot, you'd be better served sticking to the tour 90.
I would try the ncode tour 90. It's the best racket I've played. I found it a little powerful after using the other tour90 but I strung it a little tighter and I'm used to it now. I know what you mean by the mechanical feel, but I've gotten used to it.

Ace Rimmer
01-06-2005, 10:09 AM
Seems like I have to be the odd man out on this subject again: I personally liked the Tour 90 better than the 6.0 85 because of the comfort levels. When I started back into serious tennis again, I played with an old, scuffed up Chicago version of the 6.0 85 (the one without the bumper guard) and it played great. I am not sure if that is because the graphite was breaking down and the flex was greater, but I noticed that it was much more comfortable than a new 6.0 85 I bought later on, with just as much, if not more, control. The new one played like a plank and jarred the heck out of my arm. I had already parted with the old version, so I could not go back to that one. Later, when the Tour 90's came out, I tried one of those and noticed that it played much more cushy than the newer 6.0 85, but, because of the weight, I had a little trouble getting the racquet around in time. In searching for another sub-90 racquet, I also tried the Yonex MP Tour-1 90, but it felt more like a plank than the new 6.0 85 and lacked the control. If the Tour 90 and the 6.0 85 were the only two racquets to chose from in the world, I would have to go with the Tour 90. My current favorite, however, is the Dunlop 200G XL because of the cushy feeling (high flex) combined with the extremely low power level.

01-06-2005, 10:29 PM
Dude, just try the 6.0 85. If the morons at Wilson would just balance the T90 correctly and give it a normal grip length, then it would probably be better than the 6.0. But they didn't.

big ted
01-06-2005, 10:38 PM
i agree with Acerimmer. the 85 ps i have from the early-mid 80's plays great, powerful and crisp. all the new ones i tryed feel too stiff, i like the tour 90 better it feels more flexible

Radical Shot
01-06-2005, 11:30 PM
I own and play with both. Each is fantastic in it's own way. Personally, the 6.0 85 is the main stick for me, however when I swap back to the Tour 90, I always enjoy those first 10 minutes of play. Seems like massive power, extra cushioning and that "plow through" factor big time. Once you can line up a shot and smack it with the Tour 90, it stays hit. It is true though that it has a different balance point, but it only feels weird after coming from a 6.0 85, and then only until you get used to it. Excellent racquet.

The 6.0 85 is a terrific serving stick.

01-07-2005, 08:56 PM
Awesome feedback, thanks everyone! I will definitely go out and buy it, and even if I don't like it for some reason, I'd like to keep one just for the sake of it.

BTW stevewcosta, or anyone else, what is wrong with the Tour 90 grip length??

Radical Shot
01-08-2005, 03:35 AM
Exactly my reasoning also. I own a "Pete" and play very very well with it. That retro paintjob is a real head turner.