View Full Version : For sale/trade 2 FISCHER PRO EXTREME FT

01-06-2005, 01:43 PM
i have 2 fischer pro extreme ft's. both good condition, not abused. very nice frame. both newly strung with poly mains and babolat premium excell 16 crosses at 61 lbs. plays very well. one has a new gamma hitech grip, however, i always used overgrips. both were profesionally balanced to the same specs, both play great. both grips are matched to the same specs as well. no damage at all. grip is 5, but feels exactly like my wilson 4 1/2 size, i guess its just the shape of the buttcap. Come with original bag. I am only look to trade for a pair of yonex rdx mid plus, or will sell them for $170, shipping included. let me know at hummer23mm@yahoo.com