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01-07-2005, 12:40 PM
Yes, you're probably saying to yourself, "he's just following the craze". Truth is, I've just found out about these about a couple of weeks ago. Having had my a few people in my family die from cancer, I think this would be a great way to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation and a cure for cancer. My question is, what stores sell these bracelets? Preferably not online stores please. Thanks in advance.

Craig Sheppard
01-07-2005, 12:49 PM
They came out last July right before the Tour de France. For a time (mainly during the early part of the Tour), Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker were selling them. I got some back in early July, but haven't seen them in any store since. The best place to buy them is through the Lance Armstrong Foundation directly at:


At least you know your money will be going directly to the LAF. Back around October they were running very short and Lance said during a TV interview they were ordering 12 million more, but I'm not sure if that even lasted.


01-07-2005, 12:51 PM
Just make sure you buy the genuine yellow bracelets that sell for $1 vs. others that are ripping off the idea for profit ... rainbow of colors that sell for more .. some up to $10!

Here's a link