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03-23-2004, 08:09 PM
I doing alittle research to see what others have done with their Pure Controls to maximize performance.

Right now im using 2 2001 pure control standards, still tinkering with tensions and i'll settle somewhere between 58-64.

I'd like to add lead tape at some point, but my game is still adjusting to swinging a heavier stick than a Wilson Surge ( the 2001 PC's run about 12.2 oz rather than the 11.8 of the 2003's)

What have others used, from what i can tell this stick is a very popular players frame on this board...

03-24-2004, 06:52 AM
Though this is my first reply, my comments are based on a lot of reading of other TW posts; those posts have been very helpful in guiding me to a racquet set-up that best meets my personal needs. My Pure Control is different from yours (new standard midplus-- 100 sq inches, 27 inches long), but perhaps the comments will help.

I was using Gamma Live Wire Professional 17 strung at 62 pounds, and was moderately pleased. I did try 60 pounds as well, but felt a significant loss of control, particularly on any off-center hits. So I like 62 pounds.

Then I made two changes. First, I added six grams of Babolat lead tape-- three grams at 9 o'clock and three grams at 3 o'clock. This made a huge difference-- much greater stability, much less twisting of the racquet on off-center hits, some added power... It felt like a very different (and much better) racquet. Then I tried natural gut (Bab VS Team-- 17) still at 62. Again, I felt another great improvement-- a much softer (and better) feel... greater awareness of the ball on the strings (no board-like feeling)... seemed like I had more power while still maintaining control... So these two changes (lead and gut) made a huge difference, and it's now a racquet I like a lot.

Disclaimer. Some of the change may be psychological, i.e., I went in believing from my TW post reading that lead and gut will make certain changes, and then in fact I felt those changes. However, I'm not sure it matters whether the differences are real or perceived; with the changes, I played with more enjoyment, comfort, control, and confidence.

To round out the picture, I use a Babolat High Damp vibration dampener. I don't notice any difference in playability or elbow comfort, but I like the dampener because it eliminates the lingering vibration that is so noticeable without it. Finally, I use Yonex Super Grap (white).

Hope this helps.

03-24-2004, 02:42 PM
My two pure controls are strung at around 57 (first time, strung it too low i think) with wilson extreme synthetic. I have two tourna grips on each racquet (i have 4 and 1/2 but need 5/8). Next time i restring i will go up to around 62lbs with sensation in the crosses and extreme syn. in the mains. One is a little less headlight then the other one, but they are the best racquets I have yet to use.