View Full Version : Hybrid question: Pro Hurricane Tour + Gosen sheep

el sergento
04-17-2008, 07:20 AM
Hello fellow string fetishist.

I recently ordered a batch of PHT 17 and Gosen micro 17 for some hot hybrid action. I've never used a hybrid setup before so I was wondering if anyone has experience with this setup or is willing to share any advice on hybridizing in general.

The reason I chose this setup is mostly economic. I'm going back to school soon so I'm out of a job. The PHT costs $11.50 and the Gosen something like $3.50 so per string job I'm looking at $7.50 (I don't pay for the actual stringing).

I'm not a string breaker, I use NXT 17 and I get a good 6-8 hours worth per string job but even so the NXT is pretty expensive (around $17-19 a set).

I've heard that PHT looses tension quite fast so I'm hoping to offset that by stringing it @ 60 in the mains and the Gosen @ 58 in the crosses. I usually string at either 60 or 58 so I'm hopping this setup will reproduce as best as possible what I'm used too.

Will the PHT @ 60 be too stiff though?? Also, how's the durability of the Gosen??

All thoughts and comments welcome,


P.S. I play with a pair of N6.1 95's.