View Full Version : PH hybrid bad idea?

Pro Staff Pete
04-18-2008, 03:55 AM
Yesterday I strung my N90 with Babolat Pro Hurricane in the mains and Wilson Sensation in the crosses. The result: what a dead feel! No power whatsoever! Later that night my friend told me that he witnessed the same when he had his RDS001 strung with PHT (mains) and a softer string (forgot the name) in the crosses. He thought the combination of the Hurricane (mains) with a softer hybrid didn't do any good to the Hurricane's benefits. Any ideas on this one?

04-18-2008, 03:57 AM
Did you drop the tension on the PHT?


Pro Staff Pete
04-18-2008, 04:46 AM
Nope. Both PH and Sensation are strung @ 60 lbs. Perhaps the mains (PH) a little less tight would help?

04-18-2008, 05:29 AM
Nope. Both PH and Sensation are strung @ 60 lbs. Perhaps the mains (PH) a little less tight would help?

Thats way too tight for poly in a 90in racket!

Drop the tension on the hurricane 8-10ish% and keep your crosses around 60. 54/58 should be fine..


04-18-2008, 05:59 AM
I agree with Nick. I've had good luck with Sensation in hybrids, so I don't believe it's the string--I think you've just got things too tight.

I'd also suggest you try 54/58; this should be just about right. (I string my Wilson 95s at 59, but they feel even better after they loosen up a bit.)

04-18-2008, 06:55 AM
60 lbs on a 90 frame ouch! lol...the highest ive ever gone on my k90 was 57.

Pro Staff Pete
04-18-2008, 07:58 AM
Thanks for the replies, will drop some tension :)

04-18-2008, 08:34 AM
I string with a poly blend and like it at 62lbs! In college I strung at about 68-70 lbs! I think it is a personal preference! I like them tight. I am much more consistent and don't spray the ball nearly as much. I don't think anyone should tell you what tension to like, play with the tensions until you find YOUR preferred tension! good luck, hope you own a stringer.

Pro Staff Pete
04-18-2008, 08:39 AM
That's alot! But yeah.. all personal preferences ;)

I do own a stringer, yes.