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04-21-2008, 06:29 AM
I have been playing with the pre packaged babolat vs gut/ pro hurricane tour 17 hybrid in my Prince 03 tour midplus. I strung it up around january and have played quite a bit with it, probably close to 30 hours. I just used it to win a mixed doubles tournament this weekend, so it is playing fine. My question is, since this has lasted so long would it be worth it for me to try a full gut set up? I break prince topspin plus 16 after about 8 hours, and that is the only other setup I can compare as it is all I have played extensively.

I hit a decent amount of topspin on my forehand, slice backhand 80% of the time, slice or topspin serves.

I like the way my current setup plays, but If I can get similar durability from a full gut setup then I wouldnt mind trying that out.

04-21-2008, 06:51 AM
I highly doubt you will get even 75% of the durability of the hurricane mains as you will gut. I break most 16g gut in about 3-4 hours (sample: ~25x). Poly in the mains, gut crosses usually last me 5-6 hours (sample: ~10x). From what I hear most other's get about the same results percentage-wise. Like 30-50% more durability. It, of course changes the feel a lot. Most people I know, including myself, would rather play with full gut then a hybrid but find the costs prohibitive.

I don't know what you pay your stringers but people usually charge more for gut. Overall costs may go up about 50-100% switching to all gut, depending on breakage and other factors of course. For me all gut + represented about a 80% increase in stringing costs. It does feel a lot better then the hybrid poly though. I think I have found a good intermediate in hurricane since I can't stand Big Banger and other poly's I tried to blend.

I am currently using hurricane 16g mains with Legend 16g crosses on US K90's. I am shocked at how long the strings lasted. My main stick has got about 8-9 hours on it, broken up into about 5 outtings, 2 weeks. The mains were getting so thin that I thought they were going to break about 2-3 hours ago but they only broke yesterday, and oddly enough they broke on the outside of the frame/grommet due to a mishit (poly mains broke). I have never had strings last this long but I am also warming up and not stressing them as much. Still, I am really impressed. I have used Big Banger about 6x in this hybrid pattern and averaged about 5-6 hours tops. I'm going to try it hurricane and Klip again. I have recently switched to the K90 so I have to experiment. I am also using much lower tension on the K90 (57) then I did on the PS 85 (65-68.) and 200g (63-65).

04-21-2008, 06:54 AM
I dont think you would get more than 15 hours in that frame...but why not just try it to see for yourself?


04-21-2008, 08:07 AM
I probably will end up just trying it out, but as a college student who has no money, I would like to get a few opinions before i spend $35 on a set of string that will only last me a few hours. I string for myself so it is $35 a set, instead of the $25 a set I pay now. I dont mind the polyester mains, but I don't love them either. With the summer coming up and playing everyday It may be better for me to stay with what I have though. Oh well, a TW order is coming soon and I think I may just get a set of vs 16 and another hybrid combo and my usual amount of cheap synthetics

04-21-2008, 09:01 AM
Stringing Hybrid doesn't have a hugely lower cost per stringing. Just need restringing less often, so over time it is cheaper of course. It's really up to you. Is it worth it or not? Try it.

Look at the hybrid combos on this forum. Lots to try to give you longevity + feel. I haven't tried it but I hear multifilaments with gut can be nice too, I have no opinion about that.