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04-22-2008, 06:10 AM
I'm a chronic string-breaker and I normally buy cheap reels of synthetic gut (prince, babolat) at around $40/660' reel. I just purchased a reel of technifibre polyspin to try something different at about the same price. I'm wondering how you would compare the polyspin and the cheap synthetic guts as far as playability and durability.

04-22-2008, 07:21 AM
the polyspin is the first poly ive used and its what i expected, dead on power, good on control, not easy to move,
i am not a string breaker but it has held up well to all my shots for 2 months so far and moved very little even string at 53lbs on mains, keeps my shots from sailing long
polyspin in regards to what i consider playability, good control, no power, very bad for feel (as in volleys), it tranfers all the shock to the hand when in the crosses, nt good for me
synthetic guts will have power and move and also feel good for volleys because they are soft they will move and thus cause control issues
the combination of the 2 poly mains and synt. crosses achieves the best result for me
i am using the technifiber polyspin 16L on mains @ 53lbs, and technifiber synthetic gut 17g on crosses @ 58lbs
this combination of strings is thus far my favorite and one i will provably hold on for a while, very cheap also when i ran the numbers by the reel

04-24-2008, 06:04 AM
I have the 16L polyspin but have not had a chance to use it yet. So with the deadened feel, does this mean it will feel like there is no pop in my shots like when I normally miss the sweetspot with a racquet using synth. gut? Do you think I should immediately go hybrid or at least try all poly to see if I like it? Do many people use all poly? Also right now I have a reel of synthetic gut that is white and my new reel of poly is natural color. Should I buy a reel of synthetic to match the poly color first so it doesn't look weird when trying a hybrid?

04-24-2008, 03:42 PM
definately go hybrid from the start, use the poly on mains and your favorite soft synthetic gut on cross
poly string is a rude awakening type of feel on the mains already,
to be able to use this string properly you need to have good sound strokes, no slapping, arm shot or soft bumps, but rather "full swings", you need to generate the racquet speed to make the impact of the ball and the racquet go to the ball and not to your arm,
string it 5% - 10% less then your normal tension, or about 5 lbs less
i have my mains strung at 53 lbs (techinifiber polyspin) and my crosses at 58 lbs (technifiber synthetic gut)
color wise its a personal preferense, but use what you have now while you test it and then see if you like it
people who use full poly jobs are "nuts", not really, but they do know how to hit the ball properly, and the transfer of shock does not bother them, since you are misshitting still, do your arm a favor and just try the mains first, good luck