View Full Version : Bjorn99 and the 21st century game of tennis...

04-22-2008, 07:39 AM
Bjorn99 posted a comment regarding Gustavo Kuerten's backhand and how his extreme technique contributed to his career-altering hip injury. I was under the impression that the angle created between his right foot and right hip (more specifically, the head of the femur) during his FOREHAND stroke caused the chronic deterioration of the connective tissue around his hip joint. The surgeon who performed Guga's first surgery, based in Memphis, was the same surgeon who performed the identical surgery on Magnus Norman. Norman, by the way, had a two-handed backhand.

So, with that introduction if you will, could you, Bjorn99, defend your premise that Guga's backhand was the root of his injury? And, more importantly, how am I or any rational person supposed to believe your pupil will change the game so dramatically? Sounds like a lot of hype to me, especially from a delusional, conspiracy theorist.