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04-23-2008, 01:55 PM
just got this thing. I had a very short hit with it today with an older fellow (I mean like 75) who could not hit any pace so I babied the ball...still, felt pretty good and I detected some pretty major spin ability. It weighs 12.3 0z and is about 9 pts headlight. Swings about like my POG 4 stripes and looks like it has amost the hitting space on the string be. I am very interested to feel this stick in a a match type sitch. If I am looking for a soft feel from this 65 stiffnes, would I be best off to string it with a soft multi like nrg2 or something like that? I am asking the folks that have these becaue I have never had a yonex restrung actually. What type of tension and set up do you use. I am hoping that if I like this racquet for serve and volley and baseline enough, that I can make it arm friendly.

fuzz nation
04-23-2008, 03:11 PM
For me, that frame really responds to changes in strings. The pair that I got 2nd hand came to me strung; one with PSGD 16 up around 60-62 lbs. and the other with the Yonex 850 multi at only moderate tension. The one with the multi was uncontrollable for me and I'm also not to big on Prince's Duraflex - feels pretty clunky to me, but it was rather playable when I received it.

I did my setups with the mains strung at two or three lbs. higher than the crosses (not sure if it matters) with a good 17 ga. syn gut. I was happy with the mains at 62/crosses at 60 - for me, that was neither too harsh nor too flimsy.

Best of luck with that racquet... keep us posted.

04-23-2008, 04:11 PM
served with it today and it seems to fly through the air quickly. I will probably try a multi in it around 61-62. I think there is gamma syn gut in it now originally strung at 58 but I can't tell if the ball wants to fly or not. I will know more after I play on Friday. I did not realize how much I had dialed in my serves on the POG OS 4 stripes until I just went out and served with the yonex. I could tell there was some good pace on the serves though. I will be interested to see if it has more natural punch on volleys (without effort) than my POGs.

basil J
04-24-2008, 06:54 AM
I use vs gut at 62# mains & 60# crosses and the frame plays beautifully. Relaxed strokes work best with this frame. It takes a little time to get used to this frame.

04-25-2008, 11:51 AM
got to play with the rds today.. I thought it felt just a bit sluggish but I did not get tired of swinging it in 3 sets and I did not hit balls late. Maybe about the swingweight as my POGs. Anyway, I can definately feel the power on the serve with this stick and dialed that in fairly quickly. Strung it up with nrg2 16 at 62 mains 59 crosses. I Also thought it might bother my arm but actually, it did not. I did notice more power on my forhand side and my volleys were going deeper easier. Not sure if I like that or not becuae my fear is that I wil lose control. Not like softer sticks that are my security blanket. My overall feeling is that if I can control my strokes and use the pace this stick gives me, it could really be deadly for my serve and volley game and actually be nice for my defense as well...slices seem to go deeper and blocks seem to have more on them. I do understand what some mean by relaxing your strokes but I am going to swing out on whatever stick I hit with. I actually thought taht I was able to bring the ball down quicker with a full swing (I hit semi western forhand with a lot of top). All in all,m the ball does carry more with this stick thatn id did with the Donnay for sure with the same stroke. But the ball also seems to penetrate the court more. I am playing a pusher tomorrow so that will tell me a lot off the ground I think.

f1 tech
04-25-2008, 12:04 PM
What happened to the SP Tour?

04-25-2008, 03:09 PM
left them behind. Started playing with my POG 4 stripes and just really got into them again. I liked the spt but I just liked the old POG 4 stripes better. Sold them all. I have been in constant search mode to find that stick that I really like for S&V and also that I can defend well with. There are so many for sure but just keep reaching. This stick serves better for me right off the bat than the spt. I gte more pace with the same motion no doubt. It seems to have more power as well which I am not sure I like. Plus, I got it in a trade that was a great deal and I figured I would just try it out for the fun of it. Might end up being more than that. I have not served this hard with any of the sticks I have tried. I know they are capable but this is the first one that seemed to really shoot the ball off with really good direction. I think I really like the grip shape as well.

fuzz nation
04-26-2008, 05:23 AM
That may be the best grip shape I've ever used - my hand just seemed to fit with it immediately and I could feel right where the racquet was positionned all the time.

I know what you mean about the ball "going" more with this frame, especially in comparison to the Donnay mp. I could serve with great accuracy as soon as I picked this Yonex up, but turning the ball over from the baseline seems to demand a bit more of a deliberate brushing up the back of the ball. Now that you've got me thinking about it, I may try restringing the one I still have with a multi in the mains and a thin synthetic in the crosses, but take the tension up to 64-65 lbs. in the mains to see how the power-to-spin ratio goes.

Good luck against the pusher! Hopefully that new frame is a good antidote.

04-26-2008, 06:31 AM
I do see that yonex uses a pretty thin grip stock becasue this one came witha replacement grip from the guy I boght it from. I replaced it with a babolat sytec which is about standard and I immediately thought the grip was too big (becasue I like to use overgrips). However, If I am able to use it without an overgrip, it is about perfect. Ihave had some twinges in my elbow lately and I swear it is becaue I have used smaller grips (work great for serve but not so much for volleys). My elbow is not bothering me at all this morning and I think it has more to dowith the grip than the racquet (afterall, I was playing with soft old POGs). The rds002 tour I picked up in the store the other day had their stick grip and it was also 1/2. Felt smaller to me by a good amount.

As far as tension, I would probably never string it over mid tension becaues of elbow risk (I am sensitive). If I had to string it at the top of the curve, I would not use this one i don't think.

I'll get a good idea today I think becaue this guy gets everything back but does not hit with much pace. I will have opportunity to hit short balls hard and have to bring them down quick. also will hit a ton of volleys.

I think after looking at a couple of your threads and rabbit's, I still may demo the new c10 pro just to eliminate it from my mind.

04-26-2008, 10:48 AM
OK, day of realism... Played 4 sets today on the clay in the heat. The stick did start to get heavy to me and I will get in no better shape than I am in now...trust me on that. I just could not keep enough balls in the court that were hit with authority without really brushing them. I did serve well but against someone who gets everything back, my offense struggled. I went back to my pogs and was able to gain ground quickly. I am not sure if I could ever really catch up to this stick. I may have to admit that I am not good enough to play extremely aggresive with it for a long period of time. The Weather is turning hotter now and I reallyfelt the heft of this stick today. If I made a mistake and hit just a bit too flat...gone. This racquet shrinks the court which is good when I am on and sharp, but a disaster when I am not......which is the way I felt today.

I am editing my post...I will continue to play with this one for a week win lose or draw. Looks like others have had the same experience and then it clicked. I will swing away tomorrow evening hopefully. I hate to admit defeat on the first real full day...just hate losing to someone who has never beat me. good ol humble pie...astes so good.

04-26-2008, 05:20 PM
anyone else had this same experience and then enjoyed success with it? encouragement please.

04-26-2008, 10:00 PM
markwillplay, can you give a comparison between the 002Tour and the POGs? Which size of the POG have you been using? Which has better serves, more power, volleys, etc. Sounds like maybe the POG gets more spin, or at least easier spin. When I've gone to a 98 with 16 mains, I can spin the groundstrokes more to keep them in with a bit more effort, but the approach shots (with a short stroke) fly on me. Have you found this to be true?

04-27-2008, 02:59 AM
I play withthe POG OS 4 stripe. So far, the rds feels like it has more power by far. I balls I block with the rds seem to stay straight and low. Also, if I hit a slice from deep in the court, the ball just travels deeper. I can serve harder with the rds as well with same motion. Volleys seem to have more pop and travel deeper easier. I can hit a flatter lazer easier with the rds. All this makes the POG easier for me to control and to play with right now. It has good power but seems easier to hit touch shots with (like drip shots on clay). I have the rds strung about mid tension with NRG2 16 gauge. The first day I hit with it, I hit better but my aponant was not as good either and my strings were fresh. I am sure they have dripped in tension but I have usually been able to make up for that in play with a slight stoke adjustment or whipping more spin. This racquet is the opposite of the Donnay mp I played with. I have heard many people use poly in this frame but that is a no no for me personally....it is comfy and I don't want to even mess with my arm at all. I am going to hit with it this week and see if I can dial it in at all.

04-27-2008, 06:57 PM
I am a POG user for decades it seems...had a brief affair with the Yonex 002 Tour, great frame, thin beam, heavy but headlight...its basically Yonex's answer to the POG. I think it swings lighter than the specs would suggest, and did also find it string sensitive....i had Ace 18 and 17g syn gut cross and it worked well, 18g lightened it up a bit. I can honestly say its a sweet frame..dont give up on it...yet. I played equally well with the POG, Yonex 002T, Storm Tour...just gotta find your string and tension and give yourself a couple of solid weeks with it....after 2-3 weeks and various strings if doubt still lingers let her go. BTW what was your motivation for leaving the POG?

04-27-2008, 07:55 PM
well my POG of choice is the 4 stripe OS and I believe that there are better serve (not to mention volley) sticks out there. Plus, They can be hard to come by. I have messed around with so many sticks it is embarrassing but I keep waiting for "the one". I knew that the yonex would have a little more oomph on volleys (and it does) and would probably serve a little more acurate (and it does). I just don't know if I can control it. Probably would be good with poly strings but I don't use them. My POGs do have better control and feel a little lighter to swing but the specs are really very very close. With the set up I have now, I am having a bit of trouble hitting too many galls deep. Maybe I will try a tighter tension but I really did not want to go up to the top in tension for arms sake. Some frames handle that better than others but at 65 flex, it scares me to be honest. I plan on play8ng indoors with it tomorrow morning. I just know that there is a frame out there that will help my game and that I will click with. I thought it would be the Donnay int mp but in the end, I struggled with lack of power and the swing felt a little strange to me. I proably would have stayed with it but I figure i will look around a bit longer. Getting out on the clay really showed me something. I may need a stick that I can swing for a while even though that is not my game. The harder serve really helps me S&V on clay as well.

04-27-2008, 10:31 PM
thanks for the info. I'm thinking that I may have the same problems with the 002Tour as you do, since those are the types of problems I have when I go to a bigger headsize than my POG mids. I'm OK with an 18 main like the PT 280, but I do lose a lot of spin on my second serve.

04-28-2008, 05:50 AM
I'll try it again this morning but I can tell you that it has been much easier to generate biting spin with my POG OS 4 than this frame. I probably will string it one more time with something different. I am playing indoors today so that will tell me a lot I think.

basil J
04-28-2008, 08:11 AM
Mark, I tried the tour last year , gave up on it and have come back to it and am using it as my main stick right now. Here are my thoughts on this frame. I have been using it for about 2 months. My prior racquet was a 200GMW and a Redondo MP, both softer frames with an 18 x 20 string pattern and both easy on my arthritic shoulder.
String selection is critical with this frame. Even though it is a 16 x 19 I find better access to spin with a 17 gauge vs 16 gauge. I use 16 gauge right now because I use VS gut and get excellent life out of it. My next string order will be 17 gauge.
I find that even though the flex is 65, I can feel this frame flex more that one would think. Serving is great with this frame, but in order to get good consistant topspin, I find that I need to close the racquet face a tad more than I am accustomed to on both wings in order to get the desired spin.
I also find that you need really good preperation with this frame for it does not do well with half swings and just blocking shots back. My slice return is a main shot for me and I often send balls back long with the 002 tour that would drop in nicely with my older frames when I try to just block back big heaters.
I also find that a relaxed swing from both sides gives me consistant feedback and good accuracy. If I start to get worked up in a match and go for too much or get tension in my arm, I make lots of errors. I think that at a 4.0 this frame can be demanding, but rewarding at the same time. Good prep and footwork are rewarded, late swings and poor footwork are quickly punished. I am trying to make this frame work, because I am sick of trying to find a racquet that I settle with and I love the way I can serve with this frame. With gut, it is also easy on my shoulder. I tried poly on it once and loved the results, but quickly got an ache in my shoulder so I went back to gut.
My suggestion is,and this is what i did, is get out on the court with a buddy and hit forehands for 20 minutes, backhands for 20 minutes and then play some practice sets and see if you can get dialed in. That worked for me. Hopefully it will work for you. Good luck.

04-28-2008, 10:10 AM
I played today with it and I think I may be getting close. I did restring it for the heck of it as i had a set of prince syngut around so I just figured I had nothing to lose. Same tension 62/59. I was playing indoors and had no trouble at all keeping the ball in. I wonder if the nrg2 16 lost tesnion toofast or something because outside I kept launching balls. Today I really concentrated on preparing more and also really trying to work on topspin one hand backhand. This stick REALLY rewards technique with that shot and I hit some real lazers. I said I would not quit on it because I can just tell that if I could up my game this thing could really be a weapon. I volleyed much better today as well with it. I am going to play with it much more and see what happens. I do know this, if I do decide to really stick with it, I will seek another one in 3/8 grip. The replacement grip on the 1/2 one was too thick and I could not use my normal overgrip with it. Once I took it off and replaced it with a thinner replacement grip, seemed to help me.

And another note sort of interesting. Lst night I took the leather off of my main POG. I replaced it with synthetic grip. This made it only 8 pts headlight and 12 0z instead of 11 pts headlight and 12.5 overall......guess what....I was launching balls long with it as well. I think I have gotten used to a certain swingweight/headlight balance and when I evened the sticks out to be about the same, I hit jsut as well with the yonex.

04-30-2008, 01:01 PM
played 5 sets with it today and really am trying my best to dial it in. I think my stokes are starting to migrate with it if you know what I mean. I had fewer long balls today and I think I am starting to make it work for me. I have realized that you have to be very deliberate with this frame (at least compared to my POGs OS's). If you get lazy on a slice...into the net it goes...if you don't think about swinging through with enough spin..away it goes...but if you do...this seems to be a nice weapon for all court or SV game. I have had much more success indoors than on clay so that is where I will work the most on it.

basil J
04-30-2008, 05:51 PM
Played 2 matches in 3 days this week, both against real big hitters. I have found that with the weather warming up, I may need to either go with a crisper string or go to 65# with gut. I have found the same thing as mark, you need to be very deliberate with your strokes with this frame or the ball sails. I have had some amazing half volley pick ups that have been like lasers to the corner, which is nice, but I am finding that if I really want to use and enjoy this frame I need it to play more conistantly from the string bed and I had that with a firm Synthetic and or poly. The comfort with VS gut is fantastic, but I am spraying way too many shots right now by 1 foot or so that usually go in. So before I spend any more money on gut, I am going to experiment with the old reliable, PSGD in a 17 gauge and fool around with tensions. I have been going 5% lower on crosses as Yonex suggests, is everyone else doing that or are you stringing the sametension for crosses and mains? I find that by going lower on tension in the crosses when I am using a full set up, I am losing some feel of racquet. Any suggestions folks?

04-30-2008, 06:34 PM
I actually have psgo in mine and it ain't bad at all. Next time I put NRG2 in it (I have some) I think I will crreep up intesnion and see how the higher tension soft string matches.

04-30-2008, 09:43 PM
hey i just got my rds002 tour

wanna give me your idea of the racket and the pros and cons you feel?

04-30-2008, 10:23 PM
just got this thing. I had a very short hit with it today with an older fellow (I mean like 75) who could not hit any pace so I babied the ball...still, felt pretty good and I detected some pretty major spin ability. It weighs 12.3 0z and is about 9 pts headlight. Swings about like my POG 4 stripes and looks like it has amost the hitting space on the string be. I am very interested to feel this stick in a a match type sitch. If I am looking for a soft feel from this 65 stiffnes, would I be best off to string it with a soft multi like nrg2 or something like that? I am asking the folks that have these becaue I have never had a yonex restrung actually. What type of tension and set up do you use. I am hoping that if I like this racquet for serve and volley and baseline enough, that I can make it arm friendly.

My Yonex RDS 002 Tour is strung with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough. This gives it even more spin capability as well as power. I just love these strings because they're durable and they actually work as advertised. Only downside is that the strings might feel a bit stiff and dead to some people...however, I don't feel this at all. A string that lasts me for 3-4 months and is this good is golden.

05-01-2008, 05:51 AM
I supposse I would try a ply if it were soft, I can imagine that a poly would work well for this frame. I have some 850 pro multi that I will try and some technofibre NRG2 (but in 17 gauge) that I will try. I did not hve much problem yesterday controling the shots. If anyone knows of a poly that is actually soft and not bothersome for the arm, I woult try it. I know you can string those lower in tension.

Someone said that this stick sounds cheap when you strike the ball and I have to say...no way. I hear a real pop. Maybe it is the psg, I don't know but I like the way this stick feels at contact. I wil try to hit some touch shots today with it. I have hitmore slices into the net with this thing but I think that is usually positive. the ball does not float if you think you hit a low slice. If anything, the ball goes lower and straighter than other sticks I have played with so that if I am a little lazy...bam, into the top of the net. Only time they float is on a try mishit really. I still say that it would be cool for yonex to have a stick with this same beam, about 61 stiff but about same weight.