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I definitely agree with the sentiment expressed.

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Some of the comments are spot on

here is one pearl

And once again, we have a Djokovic retirement. By my count, this is the 3rd high-profile ATP Tour Match retirement since he came onto the tour: 2006 French 4th Round vs. Nadal (saying in his press conference that day how in control of the match he thought he was, down 2 sets to love before packing it in LOL); 2007 Wimbledon Semi vs. Nadal (supposedly a blister); and now today vs. Federer (a vague unexplained “breathing” issue). All these retirements to players ranked above him. Hmm.

When I think about Sampras playing Agassi in the 2000 AO Semi with a torn groin muscle - he finished the match (not to mention his entire run at 2000 Wimby on an inflamed shin); when I think of Nadal laying on the ground at last years US Open in agony with tendenitis against Ferrer, yet he finished the match; when I think of Federer playing Canas at IW last year with blisters on both feet - he finished the match too. And countless other examples. Retiring once or so? Yeah, OK - I get that. But Djokovic is making retiring in matches a habit - and not just any match, like a first rounder. He quits when the stakes are highest - and always when he’s losing. Somebody needs to tell him to Man Up - take the loss no matter what the issue (unless you’re literally gonna DIE), and come back to live & fight another day. You can bet the other guys on the tour were howling watching Novak throw in the towel - again.

Quitting is for wusses. And no mater what he says, the REAL reason he quits is becoming obvious: he doesn’t want the outright loss to blemish his record, ESPECIALLY against Federer or Nadal, since his PR Narrative is that he’s the real #1 Player in the world. It’s tough to buy the spin if he loses outright to these guys. He wants the “well, I had to quit or else I would have won” excuse or asterisk next to these losses.

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I like this statemnet the most:

And we are assured no one’s going to hit the eject button during tomorrow’s final.

Yeah, please, let's have a good fight tomorrow!!

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According to the Swiss Press, Djokovic suffered from a throat infection that didn't heal properly.


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According to the Swiss Press, Djokovic suffered from a throat infection that didn't heal properly.


Poor baby. I actually like Djokovic and his game (aside from his ball bouncing). However retiring like the way he did is not the sign of a warrior. Just because the match is not going your way, and that you are not playing your best or feeling your best, doesn't mean you should just give up.

Hot Sauce
04-26-2008, 07:13 PM
"(Imitating Novak would be easy. Just bend over in exhaustion, take a few deep breaths, fall to your knees a few times, look distressed and then signal to the chair umpire. That’s Novak. You don’t even need to do the ball bounce routine.)"

Funny stuff!

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Novak HAS retired several times when winning.
The article says he hasn't.

Tennis and Tennis
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Funny :) ^^^^^^

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Novak HAS retired several times when winning.
The article says he hasn't.

In which matches?

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only point is he is very young and achieve things very very fast.. look at him after AO very tired (just first tourney of year) and after IW win. He has so much time after first round lost in Miami masters but you never know what he going on with his breathing illness.

04-27-2008, 07:55 PM
In which matches?

i don't know several, but the last one i can think of is the latest Davis Cup match versus Nikolay Davydenko to keep Serbia in.

He was up 2-1 or 2-0 in sets, but he was losing in the set, and then just retired out of nowhere, although he was sick before, i don't quite get it, since he was playing okay, and he played doubles the day before too.